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Who is Currently Using the LDF? 

Who is Currently Using the LDF?

A diverse range of people are currently taking advantage of the LDF:

  • Those with undeclared assets in Switzerland, subject to the one-off witholding tax under the UK-Swiss Agreement, are considering their options including the DF.
  • Those who have "inherited” a problem.
  • Professionals (eg lawyers, accountants, barristers) with overseas assets who are particularly at risk in terms of prosecution.
  • Those who have unrecorded trading income, diverted offshore, going back many years.
  • Taxpayers who have been through a previous enquiry/investigation but who did not disclose all overseas assets.
  • Elderly people who want their tax affairs resolved to ensure future generations do not inherit a problem.
  • Those who are genuinely worried about the existence of the overseas asset and want their tax affairs to be in order.
  • Those who require an injection of capital in the UK- whether to purchase an asset or to invest funds into a UK business given the difficulties borrowing from Financial Institutions in the current economic climate.
  • Trustees and Directors of overseas companies who wish to resolve legacy issues.


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