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Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) 

IPT is gaining more prominence in many jurisdictions as fiscal authorities look to increase revenue through existing tax channels. How confident are you that your organisation's IPT has been correctly calculated and paid to the relevant fiscal authority? Errors or omissions could not only lead to retrospective tax liabilities, but also financial penalties, as well as reputational damage.

What's on your Mind?


  • Ensuring the organisation is IPT compliant.
  • Assisting corporate insureds with their IPT obligations, where risks span more than one country.
  • Mitigating IPT costs.


Bringing you Peace of Mind


  • Multinational insurance risks can give rise to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) and other parafiscal taxes. Rules on liability differ from country to country, ranging from location of risk to where an insurance company is established. As a result, this can be a complex area to manage, with significant penalties and interest for compliance failures in addition to potential reputational damage and undeclared tax.
  • We enable UK corporates, multinational organisations, brokers and insurance companies to mitigate the cost and risk involved in national and multinational insurance policies carrying significant, irrecoverable IPT.
  • Our team provides a suite of services to navigate the maze of IPT compliance and related issues.  We can help you at each key stage, from planning and benchmarking to process control and negotiation. We have extensive UK, European and global IPT networks, and we connect with our colleagues around the world to enable compliance and develop innovative cross-border solutions.

What's in it for you?


  • Reducing IPT costs.
  • Receive greater understanding of IPT and the issues they face - providing comfort that you approaching the subject in the right way.
  • Receiving restructuring advice - which can help mitigate IPT payable.




  • Unique insight: In the UK, we are the only Big Four firm that has two ex-HM Customs IPT officers - so you receive specialist UK skills.
  • The only firm to have a fully dedicated UK IPT group.
  • The only firm to have cross-border experience of advising on IPT compliance issues and dealing with fiscal authorities to satisfactorily resolve these using our IPT network.


Case Study


  • A large multi-national corporate takes out a global policy with premiums as high as US$20 million. If IPT has not been correctly accounted for, the risks to the client could be significant.  For instance, across Europe the average IPT rate is 10 percent and the retrospective assessable period is 5.5 years.  Using the above premium and average rates and retrospection, this could result in an IPT exposure of US$11m.


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