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Tax Settlements and Investigations 

HMRC has been given additional resources to enable it to deal with an increase in enquiries. In return, they have been set challenging targets to deliver results.


HMRC is focusing resources to target areas of risk and is tasked with taking an even-handed approach to all taxpayers; individuals, partnerships and companies of all sizes and complexity. 


HMRC compliance activity can range from risk assessment through to detailed investigations. If an issue arises, it will require effective management, regardless of whether it is resolved easily or  highly contentious - requiring strategic thinking, concerted effort or litigation to achieve resolution.


Our team at KPMG includes experts with career long experience of tax enquiries, both as Tax Inspectors as well as successfully representing clients. This insight into the world of tax risk, tax enquiries and dispute resolution underpins our excellent track record of helping clients reach resolutions quickly and efficiently.


Our approach


Compliance: We aim  to help clients meet their tax compliance and other relevant regulatory obligations. We assist clients in being proactive through:


  • Developing appropriate tax governance
  • Conducting reviews of potential risk issues
  • Sharing appropriate information to establish the desired risk rating or relationship with HMRC
  • Disclosing identified errors or liabilities connected with offshore accounts


Management: Our team has experience of managing all types and aspects of HMRC enquiries. We understand HMRC procedures and have experience in gaining early control of enquiries and addressing issues including:


  • Responding effectively to HMRC information requests
  • Presenting evidence and arguments to support client’s positions
  • Appealing excessive assessments and negotiating any additional tax liabilities
  • Dealing with HMRC assertions of careless or deliberate behaviour that could potentially result in penalties


Resolution: Our team understands HMRC’s governance arrangements for the resolution of tax disputes.

We can help navigate through to successful settlement as we have experience in many fields including:

  • HMRC’s publicised disclosure facilities and settlement opportunities
  • HMRC’s dispute resolution programmes for taxpayers with complex or multiple issues
  • Acting as mediator in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to facilitate settlement
  • Representing clients in litigation


If something is concerning you, we have the people to help and one of our team will be pleased to assist.



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Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility

The Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) provides a framework for the disclosure of irregularities connected with overseas assets held anywhere in the world with unique benefits and on favourable terms.


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