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Tax Valuations 

Tax valuations are carried out by the Tax Valuation Services group who are specialists in the valuation of shares in unquoted companies, shares subject to restrictions and all forms of intangible assets, including intellectual property and goodwill, for all UK tax purposes. We have unparalleled experience across the range of industries, both in the UK and overseas.

What's on your Mind?


  • What value to return for capital gains purposes for a non-exempt (or potentially non-exempt) intra group transfer of shares/ intellectual property.
  • How to incentivise employees in a tax efficient manner by means of share awards.
  • How to ensure departing employees do not incur unexpected tax charges because of shares being reacquired for prices above tax market value.
  • What values to return for unquoted shares for Capital Gains Tax (including 31 March 1982 rebasing) or for Inheritance Tax or Stamp Duty purposes.
  • How to approach ongoing negotiations with HMRC's Shares and Assets Valuation in order to secure the best possible result.


Bringing you Peace of Mind


  • Preparation / submission of valuation reports to HMRC and, if required, assisting with any subsequent negotiations.
  • Securing early post-transaction valuation rulings from HMRC and, wherever possible, pre-transaction rulings.
  • Provision of illustrative tax valuations in order to facilitate the tax efficient incentivisation of employees.
  • Breaking deadlocks in negotiations with HMRC and helping to secure positive tax outcomes.
  • Reviewing valuation reports carried out by other valuers together with correspondence with HMRC, to help ensure that an appropriate approach/ value has been adopted.


What's in it for you?


  • Broad range of tax valuation skills and insight into HMRC thinking on valuations helping to ensure no unexpected tax costs.
  • Proven track record of agreeing values with HMRC.
  • Where possible agreeing values with HMRC prior to filing deadlines and providing certainty as to the amount of tax due.




  • We are a team of UK tax valuation professionals who specialise solely in valuations for tax purposes.
  • We have unprecedented experience in agreeing values of unquoted shares and all forms of intangible assets which we draw upon to help ensure that we achieve the optimal tax position for our clients.




Pavan Singh

Pavan Singh

Head of Tax Valuations

KPMG in the UK

020 7694 5326