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Sustainability reporting attracting more attention, quality of data needs improving 

Organisations have been reporting financial information for many decades. Sustainability reporting is, by comparison, still in its infancy. As companies incorporate sustainability into their core business strategies, the importance of timely and accurate sustainability related metrics increases.

Senior management need and expect the same level of control over these metrics as they have over financial data. Yet, in many cases such control is not there.


Today's businesses need to be concerned about the accuracy and integrity of sustainability information and data which is reported to stakeholders or used for strategic decision making. The reputational risk of getting it wrong is significant, both in terms of not managing the right risks or reporting inaccurate information. Organisations cannot afford to make mistakes.


KPMG’s sustainability assurance professionals can assist organisations with:  


  • Compliance with legal requirements and/or applying latest reporting trends
  • Assurance readiness and information system assessments
  • External and internal assurance on corporate responsibility reporting
  • Reporting assessments and enhancements
  • Performance measurement and reporting
  • Integrated reporting


Our insights have helped KPMG clients to:


  • Develop realistic targets and effective monitoring mechanisms
  • Offer reassurance to Board of Directors that data is accurate and complete by strengthening the procedures and controls around performance data
  • Identify financial savings during reviews of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) KPIs
  • Produce an integrated report aligned more with the principles and focus areas of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) framework
  • Comply with the UK mandatory greenhouse gas reporting requirements.



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