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On-call service 

Are you concerned about getting the right accounting answer in an ever more complex accounting and financial reporting environment? Perhaps you are looking for a sounding board – someone to call for informal advice? Our team will help you reach the right accounting answer in the context of reporting objectives, commercial reality and regulatory requirements.

Your issues

  • You understand the accounting for a particular transaction, but how can you be sure the auditors won’t take a different view?
  • Are you sure that you have considered all of the accounting options available to account for a particular transaction and that the option you have selected presents the results in the most appropriate manner?

Examples of how we can help

Our team will:


  • provide real-time views to you regarding the application of specific accounting literature;
  • provide timely advice on accounting and financial reporting matters, understanding that the transactions you are considering can be time-sensitive;
  • examine complex or judgemental issue and its implications thoroughly to help ensure we fully address and challenge the issue from all sides; and
  • provide an accounting opinion to support the accounting treatment for a particular transaction.



 Evelyn Bunn Anderson   

Evelyn Bunn Anderson

Director, Banking Accounting Advisory Services

KPMG in the UK

020 7311 2664

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Elizabeth Greystone

Elizabeth Graystone

Senior Manager

FSA Banking

KPMG in the UK

020 7694 6591

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