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Data Insight Services 

Data is now absolutely critical to the running of every business, driving decisions, supporting operations, creating an audit trail and delivering insight into the market. We use our specialist knowledge and technology capabilities to help our clients take control of their data, to gain a critical edge in improving performance, maximising profitability and reducing risk. 


Gaining insight from data can be particularly complex in the world of joint ventures.  We work closely with KPMG's specialist JV team to help clients tackle data-related challenges within their joint venture operations. Read more 


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What's on your mind?


In the current economic climate it is vital to understand and manage risk, and data can provide an essential platform for such insight. Examples where it is critical to have confidence over the quality and completeness of data include:


  • Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering and sanctions screening processes
  • Fraud detection and anti-bribery and corruption programmes
  • Responding to requests for information in litigation (e-disclosure), investigations and regulatory enquiries
  • Internal and external audit reporting
  • Regulatory requirements which have a single customer view at their core, with each requirement having specific segmentation, such as with Solvency II and Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)
  • Complex remediation issues (such as mis-selling) requiring data to be assembled from across the organisation to produce consolidated consistent and repeatable results
  • Transformational IT projects requiring the complete and accurate migration of data


Bringing you peace of mind


Our data specialists bring together a multi disciplinary skill set, cross industry expertise, and access to advanced tools and technologies to deliver data-driven solutions around the core areas of:


Risk – Is data appropriately controlled and managed to mitigate risk?

  • Data Governance
  • Data Preservation and Capture
  • Data Quality
  • Data Controls
  • Litigation and Regulatory Readiness


Analysis – What insight does the data contain and what does this mean?

  • Data Analytics and Look-backs
  • Continuous Auditing and Monitoring
  • Data Driven Investigations
  • Computer Forensics
  • E-disclosure and e-review
  • Financial Modelling


Advisory – What data do we need to create, delete, change, enhance or make available to meet business needs?

  • Data Strategy and Architecture
  • Data Benchmarking
  • Data Migration
  • Records Information Management


We provide experienced people, technology and solutions to meet our clients’ challenges whilst providing greater insight into their organisation through data.


What's in it for you?


Many organisations today are failing to effectively manage their data, resulting in greater risks to the business and missed opportunities for commercial and competitive advantage. We can help clients reduce the risks and realise the benefits through more innovative data management:


  • Improved customer profitability and product coverage through single customer view and product insights
  • Reduced risk (financial and reputational) through improved data quality, control and security
  • Better informed planning based on accurate operational and forecast data
  • Enhanced anti-fraud measures through linking and forensic analysis of structured and unstructured data
  • Auditable regulatory compliance and repeatable decisions on large data-intensive programmes
  • Early risk warning systems to continuously monitor and improve operational efficiencies and profitability
  • Technology-enabled-solutions that are tailored to your needs and enables you to focus on the most relevant information




Experience - KPMG continues to be one of the few advisors that have the in-depth industry insight and understanding of the global regulatory environment to be able to advise institutions on their data risks and opportunities.


Global Reach – KPMG is a global network of over 140,000 professionals in 150 countries. We have been involved in some of the largest data-driven engagements worldwide and are familiar with the multi-jurisdictional challenges that these can pose. 


Access to market leading technologyWe have a range of technology, enabling us to offer the best choice for your needs. Our technology is hosted in our purpose built, secure and dedicated data centre enabling us to host sensitive data, control access and mobilise rapidly.


Case study


We have partnered with leading software vendors across the market to bring solutions delivered by business and regulatory experts, for example: 


Revenue assurance

Our client recently introduced a new billing system which resulted in a backlog of poor quality bills being issued to its customers, and consequentially negative media attention. Our work involved analysing over 500 million rows of data to understand the causes and trends behind the billing activity, and building a forecasting model to allow the client to make more appropriate accounting provisions. As a result of our work £50m of revenue was released to the top line, more accurate provisions could be derived, and the client gained enhanced understanding of the billing issues. 


Procurement health check

Our client was concerned with the robustness of its accounts payable function following a move to an off-shore location. We developed a methodology for uncovering sophisticated frauds hidden within ERP data. Using our investigative experience we were able to identify key areas of financial risk and developed analytical tests which used scoring algorithms to stress test the likelihood of the controls failing resulting in a financial loss. We highlighted a number of areas of weaknesses within our client’s systems and processes which could have potentially been exploited for financial gain. In addition to providing recommendations for improving the systems and controls we were also able to identify cash recoveries through the identification of duplicate and overpayments.


Computer forensics

Our financial services client asked us to investigate the conduct of one of its employees who had copied data from an internal source and distributed the information to numerous third parties (including corporate entities, regulators and the police). We identified the employee through computer forensic analysis of the material circulated and we worked with the clients’ lawyers to recover the data and prevent its further distribution. We also assisted the client to liaise effectively with the FSA and its own clients whose data had been circulated.