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Investigations and compliance

Our business operates across three core areas to prevent, detect and respond to your concerns in relation to any activity linked to:


Bribery and corruption
Economic crime
Money laundering

Data theft


KPMG's Investigations and Compliance team can help you to understand your key fraud risks and your exposure to fraud and abuse. We can provide you with assistance to make sense of your data and a capacity to undertake complex investigations.
If you have a need for additional business critical information, have concerns about bribery and corruption or money laundering or are seeking to recover the proceeds of crime we have the capacity and capability to help you.
Fraud Risk Management: How can we help you to reduce fraud?


Fraud is estimated to cost the UK £16 billion annually. KPMG can help you assess the effectiveness of your current anti-fraud and anti-financial crime arrangements.


  • We can help you to be clear about the key fraud misconduct and financial crime risks in your organisation.
  • We can help to mitigate the risks of financial crime by challenging your existing anti-financial crime policies and procedures
  • We can assess the ethical climate and behaviour within your organisation, help you to implement proactive anti-fraud measures, and undertake reviews of your existing regulatory anti-fraud compliance and controls.
  • We can help to reduce financial misreporting risks by identifying the areas in the financial reporting process vulnerable to abuse.
  • We can assist clients in assessing and evaluating your fraud detection technology


Corporate Intelligence: How can we help you be better informed?


KPMG Forensic's Corporate Intelligence (CI) team gathers business-critical information to help companies reduce risk, enter new markets, solve corporate problems and enhance business opportunities. Our Corporate Intelligence team is able to gather public and non public intelligence information from across the globe, searching and analysing information from specialist databases or from hard copy records. 


Investigations: What can we offer?


Our approach to any investigation is a collaborative one taking account of your specific requirements, your people and your desired outcome. Working within both the criminal and civil arena we can provide assistance for the:


  • Search and seizure of data
  • Interviewing
  • Reviewing captured data
  • Financial analysis and
  • Expert witness


Data Analytics: How can we help you to analyse, manipulate and make sense of your data better?


The answers to many of today's most important business problems can be found within the mass of data generated by everyday operations. The sheer volume of this data is growing enormously; by 2012, global companies will need to handle 30 times more data than was the case in 20021.


We can help to:


  • Develop a new data management framework, embedding processes and standards to improve data quality within your organisation.
  • Support greater marketing effectiveness and efficiency through provision of customer lifetime value analysis as well as acquisition and churn models.
  • Support cost reduction and working capital enhancement programmes, through to the creation of improved management information.
  • Uncover the complex patterns and subtle indicators of suspicious activity to take preventative action and reduce fraudulent behaviour.


Regulatory Compliance - How can we help you to comply with anti-bribery rules and regulation?


KPMG can help you to:


  • Achieve compliance with the relevant bribery and corruption legislation, as well as wider, related regulation
  • Avoid the severe penalties imposed for non-compliance which can include massive fines, investigation costs, and even imprisonment
  • Mitigate the significant reputational and commercial harm that bribery and corruption investigations cause the organisation
  • Establish a culture and reputation for sound ethical business practice which can provide a competitive advantage
  • Where a violation is suspected / has occurred, react quickly and effectively to establish facts, take action and manage the regulatory relationship


Economic Crime: How can we help you recover proceeds of crime?


KPMG Economic Crime specialists use their experience to work alongside clients to identify and follow the trail of cash and property which represent the proceeds of crime. We can help to recover these proceeds by conducting a financial investigation to:


  • Analyse business and personal financial records
  • Reconstruct business activities from incomplete records
  • Assess financial records against market norms
  • Identify UK and overseas assets
  • Trace cash and other property

KPMG can also help you consider the range of options available including civil recovery under the Proceeds of Crime Act.


Jeremy Outen

Jeremy Outen

Partner, Head of Investigations and Compliance
KPMG in the UK
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