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Financial, commercial and reputational loss is a constant risk for both public and private sector organisations.

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We help our clients take immediate and decisive action to prevent, detect and respond to potentially contentious or harmful situations. Equally important to us is the ability to take a strategic approach, helping to advise our clients on claims, recoveries and other action that can be taken based on what we have found.

Whether it is a fraud, business dispute, contract compliance issue, regulatory enquiry or large-scale transaction, major problems can quickly arise, spiral out of control and cause severe damage.

Our team is made up of accountants, investigators, economists, technology specialists, ex-law enforcement professionals and regulators. As you would expect, we think and act 'forensically'. This means:


  • immersing ourselves in the detail, sometimes using technology to analyse millions of pages of data
  • using full audit trails, as most of our work ends up in court or another legal forum
  • using deep investigative skills to get to the heart of the issue, showing determination and sensitivity to our clients.


Services include:


KPMG Slant - The digital crossroads

KPMG Slant - The Digital Crossroads


Technology is the broadest of churches. Virtual, online, cyber; these terms impact on us all as citizens of the internet era. But technology is as much about the industry sector, the components it produces and how they help enhance or protect our online existence as it is about the cyber experience itself. The risks those businesses face - and the funding they require to thrive – should be as important to us as our own online privacy or cyber identity.


Our Awards Success

KPMG have recently received separate awards as Anti-Money Laundering Firm of the Year 2014 from two global M&A publications – Finance Monthly and ACQ magazine – for our work in helping clients with their AML capabilities.


David Hicks

David Hicks

Head of Forensic

KPMG in the UK

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Alex Plavsic

Alex Plavsic


KPMG in the UK

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Fighting Fraud

Fighting Fraud


The Fighting Fraud website brings together information and thought leadership on fraud and related topics, creating a regularly updated source for analysis and comment on current issues in this area.


Recent insights

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Virtually Unregulated

Virtually Unregulated (PDF 5.0 MB)
The virtual currency industry has been under increased scrutiny to implement robust Anti Money Laundering (AML) controls. We consider the extent of money laundering risks posed by the industry in the context of its long-term sustainability.