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Astrus Enhanced Due Diligence and Astrus Monitoring 

Global transactions and regulatory scrutiny are compelling companies to examine their business relationships in order to assess risk and comply with regulatory mandates.


Failure to adequately investigate agents, business partners, and clients - and to understand how they operate - can expose organisations to reputational damage, operational risk, government investigations, financial penalties and potential criminal liability.

Astrus Enhanced Due Diligence and Astrus Monitoring

What's on your mind?


  • Are you confident in your ability to assess risks associated with customers and counterparties?
  • Do you have the right processes in place to obtain information on your customers, agents and counterparts?
  • Are you effectively managing integrity risks arising from business with customers?

Bringing you peace of mind


Astrus, KPMG's secure on-line due diligence tool, provides a robust and cost-efficient way to obtain information and assess risks associated with customers, agents and counterparties.


Astrus uses advanced search technologies to scour an extensive range of on-line public data sources, global sanctions and regulatory enforcement lists, corporate records, court filings, and press and media archives. Important integrity and reputational information is identified and interpreted by our dedicated analysts to assess reputational, regulatory and jurisdictional risk on a global basis.


You can use Astrus to:


  • Manage integrity risks arising from business with customers, such as money laundering or proceeds of crime as part of an AML / Know Your Customer process.
  • Manage integrity risks arising from business you conduct via third parties, such as agents, intermediaries or brokers, including corruption risks. Astrus reports can be used to support compliance with global anti-bribery and corruption legislation.
  • Identify Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and state-owned entities that with whom you may be dealing.
  • Help inform your decision-making in response to Counter-Terrorist Financing legislation and financial sanctions.
  • Investigate the track record and probity of an organization or individual to assess their suitability as a supplier/vendor or business partner.


What's in it for you?

We offer different report levels, depending on the risk profile of the subject you are dealing with:


  • Enhanced Due Diligence report

These fast-turnaround, fixed-price, enhanced due diligence reports are suitable in situations where an overview of a wide range of online public data sources is required, in particular to identify apparent “red flags” or integrity warning indicators. 


  • Full Integrity Due Diligence report


These are bespoke and designed to address your key integrity concerns, where the inherent risks are higher, transparency is particularly low or greater concerns exist. Combining the retrieval and assessment of manually-held public records with enquiries with informed local contacts, these reports provide greater depth, country and cultural context and a detailed assessment of the issues identified.


  • Astrus Monitoring


Designed to minimise manual effort in reviewing and updating KYC information, our Astrus Monitoring service integrates both primary data sources - such as commercial registries, stock exchanges, financial regulators and central banks - and leading data aggregators. Using sophisticated technology to actively monitor these data sources for changes, it alerts clients on an ongoing and timely basis to relevant data change events. We provide you with full control over which data sources are monitored, in what combination, and how frequently, along with a full evidence and audit trail.




  • Astrus is a unique tool not offered elsewhere in the market.
  • Using KPMG's global network gives us a presence, reputation, in-depth local knowledge, linguistic and intelligence gathering skills unmatched by many of our competitors, which tend to be niche organisations. 
  • Our team of multilingual professionals possess a wide range of backgrounds, including investigative journalism, political risk analysis, forensic accounting, private investigation and police intelligence.


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