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Dispute Advisory Services 

"Are you faced with a commercial dispute or other legal action? In commercial disputes the stakes, in terms of reputation, time, costs and tension, are high. You need practical, solid advice and support to help achieve a favourable outcome.


"We can support your legal team by dissecting complex issues and providing robust, compelling arguments on the financial, commercial and accounting aspects of your case."

What's on your Mind?


  • Need a robust assessment of the nature and extent of liability in the dispute     
  • Need powerful, credible expert witness reporting or testimony provided to the legal forum                
  • Relevant accounting or financial evidential data needs to be identified, collected, managed and disclosed quickly and cost-effectively                                                                                                       
  • Require an in-depth understanding of the sums of money at stake in the case                                
  • Require an independent expert to arbitrate, mediate or determine the dispute instead of going to Court


Bringing you Peace of Mind


  • We can help you in the resolution of your commercial dispute, by:                                                   
  • Providing impartial and authoritative opinion of the amount of money in play in the dispute, and where liability lies
  • Assessing the financial and accounting strengths and weaknesses of both your case, and the other side's case  
  • Providing robust expert witness reporting or testimony to the legal forum, responding to counter-claims and cross-examination
  • This reporting can be based on technical (e.g. accounting, finance, economics, actuarial) or industry expertise
  • Acting as independent expert determiner, arbitrator or mediator to resolve the case if it does not go to Court 
  • Providing forensic technology assistance to identify, collect, manage and disclose all relevant evidential material irrespective of format, location and size


What's in it for you?


  • High quality, robust expert evidence can make a huge difference in the overall finding or judgement of the case, and to the sums that are ordered to be paid
  • Our technology experience helps you collect/identify/review and disclose all relevant evidential material, minimising unnecessary time, effort and costs wherever possible
  • Through our extremely well developed KPMG network, you can gain access to technical, regional and sector specialists    We take the independence obligation of an expert witness very seriously, giving you a realistic assessment of the merits of all the arguments which allows you to proceed from a position of strength




  • We are regularly regarded as one of the leading providers of expert accounting witnesses
  • Partners and employees have acted as expert witnesses on 1,000s of occasions, giving oral testimony more than 100 times in different legal forums across the world, including some of the most complex and long running disputes to date 
  • We have one of the largest and most well established electronic disclosure team


Case Study


  • Project Xanadu (Property Sector) - The client was involved in a dispute over the value of its 50 percent stake in a shopping mall development in Madrid, following its disposal under the joint venture  
  • The client needed an independent valuation opinion and scrutiny of the joint venture agreement. We analysed the accounting aspects of the agreement, taking into account UK, Spanish and Dutch GAAP and prepared detailed private advisory reports for the client, and expert witness reports for the Court. We also held discussions with the expert witness from the other side, to narrow the valuation differences and demonstrate the robustness of our argument
  • Our client achieved an extremely favourable outcome out of the judgement, maintaining its reputation and credibility with minimal disruption to the business during the process

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Nick Andrews


UK Head of Dispute Advisory Services

020 7311 3848 | nick.andrews@kpmg.co.uk


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