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Corporate Intelligence 

Do you really know who you are about to do business with?


Is your organisation about to undertake a joint venture or acquisition? Would you like to avoid potentially unpleasant surprises?


By gathering critical information on individuals and entities, we can equip you with the intelligence and insight necessary to make sound decisions with more confidence and less risk. 

What's on your Mind?


  • Need access to hidden or not readily available, facts and information about prospective business partners and their dealings.
  • Pressure to meet compliance requirements with Know Your Customer (KYC), money laundering and anti-corruption legislation.
  • Lack of familiarity with an individual, organisation, industry or geographical region related to their business.


Bringing you Peace of Mind

The intelligence we supply to your organisation can help to reduce risk and generate value as you develop your business with new partners, or in new markets.

We provide you with a fuller picture to support your critical business decisions by:


  • Conducting integrity due diligence investigations into prospective business partners and customers
  • Researching, retrieving and analysing public records, using specialist databases
  • Collecting non-public intelligence from an international network of trusted sources
  • We can provide valuable evidential information to enhance existing legal action and investigations
  • Our work is aimed at helping you to understand exactly what your decision involves, thus avoiding unexpected and potentially harmful consequences which might result in financial or reputational damage.


What's in it for you?


  • You are able to make better-informed business critical decisions.
  • A stronger negotiating position can be achieved for your organisation.
  • More effective risk management for your organisation, protecting funds and reputation. Support your business development in new markets, particularly complex emerging markets. Compliance with KYC, anti-money laundering and other legislation therefore avoiding adverse PR as well as regulatory scrutiny and sanction.




  • We have one of the best developed global corporate intelligence network of all the 'Big 4' firms.
  • Using KPMG's Global network gives us a presence, reputation, in-depth local knowledge, linguistic and intelligence gathering skills unmatched by many of our competitors, which tend to be niche organisations.
  • Our team of multilingual professionals possess a wide range of backgrounds, including investigative journalism, political risk analysis, forensic accounting, private investigation and police intelligence.


Case Study


  • Our client was a Western European bank, hoping to acquire a Russian bank, but had concerns over money laundering and links to organised crime.
  • We conducted an investigation, which used information from both public sources, and crucially from contacts in Russian regulatory and law enforcement bodies.
  • The findings revealed the bank was not connected to criminal activities, but its internal controls required improvement.
    Our client proceeded with the acquisition, but restructured the deal to take this information into account.


 Mark Williamson

Alexandra Maddy


Head of Corporate Intelligence Services,


KPMG in the UK

+44 (0)20 7694 1301

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Global transactions and regulatory scrutiny are compelling companies to examine their business relationships in order to assess risk and comply with regulatory mandates.


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