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Technology companies are in an increasingly competitive marketplace with pressure on corporate IT budgets, consolidation and challenges resulting from virtualisation, cloud computing and IP protection.


Clients are drawing on our deep sector experience to help them navigate these challenges as well as maximising value from their IP, monitoring their channel partners, enhancing corporate governance, contract compliance and risk management.

What's on your Mind?


  • Protecting Intellectual Property - prevention of infringement by competitors, through litigation if necessary.
  • Assuring revenue from customers and business partners by checking compliance with financial terms of contracts.
  • Counterparty risk - establishing the integrity of new business partners, customers or third parties who are doing business on your behalf, especially overseas.
  • Reducing costs - how to take costs out of the supply chain whilst still maintaining key commercial relationships, quality and reliability.
  • Meeting standards or benchmarks related to corporate governance, risk management, sustainability and corporate responsibility, and using it to improve business performance.


Bringing you Peace of Mind


Across Risk and Compliance specialist teams work closely to provide services that meet client needs including:


  • Intellectual Property & Contract Governance
    Providing independent reviews of business partners and customers compliance with the financial terms of contracts, identifying risks and issues, advising on effective contract governance.
  • Corporate Intelligence, Fraud Risk Management and Investigations
    Helping our clients understand who they are doing business with, proactively managing risk and investigating instances of fraud and breaches of the FCPA.
  • Technology
    Providing support in areas where systems need to be protected and significant amounts of data need to be collected, processed and reviewed.
  • Dispute Advisory Services
    Competition and Transactions: acting as an independent expert witness for IP, IT and other commercial disputes, advising on anti-trust investigations and acting as Monitoring Trustee plus providing integrity due diligence or dispute services should they be needed during or after an M&A transaction.
  • Internal Audit Services

    To advise on, or provide outsourced and co-sourced services around, high quality approaches to corporate governance and enterprise risk management.


What's in it for you?


  • Effective customer compliance programmes can generate software publishers millions of pounds, Euros and dollars.
  • By identifying non-compliance in 70 percent of  supplier contracts reviewed,  containing a self-reporting element, clients can generate savings many times the KPMG fee.
  • Ensuring that future royalty income is reported accurately and completely.
  • A better understanding of third parties acting on your behalf can significantly improve business decisions and reduce reputational risk.
  • Confidence in the security and value of operational data can lead to better decision-making.
  • Robust and effective corporate governance and risk management approach which add real business value as well as reassuring internal and external stakeholders




  • Our clients are the world's largest software vendors.
  • KPMG is a global market leader in checking compliance with the financial terms of complex contracts.  At any one time we have more than 1,200  reviews of counterparties in progress around the world.
  • We have a deep knowledge of the Technology industry including software, hardware and IT Services gained through our long standing relationships with the industry's key players and through sector focussed professionals which includes individuals drawn from amongst other things IT Compliance,  IP law, IT Consultancy and Licensing.


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