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The communications sector is characterised by constant and rapid change.


Media, technology and telecom convergence, new and improved channels of service delivery, new competitors and the emergence of very different business models are just some of the changes currently affecting the sector.


We have the deep sector and technical experience necessary to help communications clients navigate their changing environment and the challenges it brings to regulatory policy, contract governance, reputation and risk management.

What's on your mind?


  • Profitability- how to maintain margins, manage costs and drive up revenues
  • Convergence and new technologies - how to manage risks and maximise opportunities
  • Regulation and compliance - how to gain significant advantage in negotiations with regulators
  • Managing risk - managing operational, reputational and regulatory risk
  • Data integrity - how reliable is customer data, and what can be done to get better value from it


Bringing you peace of mind

Our specialist teams work closely to provide coordinated and high quality services for our clients including:


  • Economics and Regulation- we work with clients globally to develop new regulatory frameworks, defend regulatory positions, advise on privatisations and investment decisions, and provide specialist advice in disputes
  • Intellectual Property and Contract Governance- we can independently review the performance of third parties, indicating non-compliance with contracts along with areas of risk and concern
  • Fraud- we can help you to prevent, detect and respond to the risk or occurrence of fraud and misconduct, reducing the damage it causes
  • Corporate Intelligence- we help you to understand exactly who you are doing business with
  • Technology- we use advanced technology to help you to recover and analyse electronic or hard copy information as well as gain insights from your corporate data


What's in it for you? 


  • Effective challenges to regulatory determinations can save communications businesses significant sums
  • Contract reviews can often identify significant financial benefits for the contracting party - we have identified monetary gains in the overwhelming majority of cases
  • Better understanding of business partners, leading to improved risk management, reduced reputational exposure and a better deal
  • Use your corporate and financial data in more efficient and effective ways, to respond to information requests and inform decision-making




  • We have a dedicated team of communications specialists combining in-depth technical expertise with practical sector experience
  • We have a superior forensic technology capability compared to other accounting firms
  • We have successfully carried out some of the largest and most complex global financial investigations to date


Case Study


  • Our client had signed a transformational contract to manage the global telecoms requirements for a multinational energy client. It would provide a single point of contact and billing for all telecoms services and over time transition these onto its network where appropriate. The terms of this contract required numerous telecoms contracts in place with other providers to be novated under one contract
  • The successful completion of this process was both a contractual and financial requirement for our client. The client was falling behind on the schedule and was in danger of defaulting on key contractual terms resulting impacts on client satisfaction and profitability
  • KPMG was able to offer a team with a mix of relevant experience including contract compliance and telecoms specialists to help them get back on schedule, manage the regulatory minefields and meet the terms and objectives of the contract

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