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Deliver Digitally-Led Transformation 

We never forget that sustainable growth is every organisation’s goal. So we work to ensure our approach to digital business priorities improves the economics of your business.

We can help you define and shape compelling customer propositions that span the digital and physical worlds. We help businesses focus on maximising the relationship with their customers to increase value and transactions.


But above all – we use digital technologies (e.g. cloud, mobile, big data, social) to help transform your business by building capabilities that cut through complexity – harnessing opportunities while managing risks.


Industry challenges

  • Digital technology can transform business and economic models across industries and companies – but you need a clear strategy to guide your investments
  • You need to deliver great customer experiences – not just in digital but seamlessly across both your online and offline channels
  • With industries and organisations at varying levels of digital maturity, plans for building or enhancing digital transformation programmes must dovetail with your overall business strategy
  • How do you engage your technology function to deliver new products and services rapidly whilst using their cyber security and service management skills?
  • You must balance speed to market with launch stability ,and scope prototyping and execution capability to avoid disappointing customers and generating negative PR
  • Keeping ‘the business’ engaged while delivering at speed is hard. But ‘agile’ delivery can be balanced with appropriate governance
  • Security comes first: balancing risk with a strong customer experience is essential

Our services - we can help you

Define your value proposition

Digital strategy: A clear understanding of your value proposition is crucial to delivering profit, through products and services customers want.

We can help define and execute a digital strategy. Our accelerated-innovation method has been designed to give customer insight. Our design and prototyping capabilities can help ensure you build commercial propositions that will delight your customers.

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Enhance the digital customer experience

Sales and service design: Our proven approach to customer experience has been designed to take a ‘whole-business’ view of delivery, giving clear competitive advantage. We can build a multi-dimensional picture of your business, incorporating operational, financial and risk insights. We align this with our customer experience and risk diagnostics, behavioural analytics and service design tools.

Integrate digital with physical

Multi-channel architecture: The best customer propositions often combine the digital and physical worlds. We take a ‘whole business’ view, helping you to integrate digital and physical components using our multi-channel architecture design.

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Develop your digital capabilities

E-Hosting: We can rapidly set up secure infrastructure to host your web and mobile services. Our support model provides onshore visibility with offshore efficiencies, to help ensure we deliver an effective experience for your customers and your business.

Protect your business and customers

Digital security services: Cyber security is a growing risk, which we help clients manage on a daily basis. Our experienced team can help you identify, prepare for, manage and respond to this challenge. We can implement our technical security and architecture design capabilities, backed by security operations design.

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Transform the economics of your business

Digital channel optimisation: We can help you to build a case for change, showing the potential of digital to transform your business through your customer and channel analytics capabilities. We work to enable more effective targeting and improved sales conversion through channel optimisation. We believe our leading-edge web analytical approaches, combined with behavioural insights and omni-channel design, set us apart in digital.

Case studies

Supporting the scoping and planning activity for a client’s web and mobile programme

Our client asked us to support the scoping and planning activity for its web and mobile programme, aiming to enhance the customer experience and grow sales. We defined a vision and clear strategic priorities, delivered a framework for prioritising initiatives, developed future investment options and produced a delivery roadmap.

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Developing a single solution for multi-channel sales services in retail and commercial banking

We developed a multi-channel architecture for retail and commercial banking sales plus services. The architecture’s single solution can be used in all channels (direct, contact centre and branch). With deployment of the architecture into contact centre and branches well underway (as of October 2013), we are leading the technical, people and customer change management elements.

Creating a bespoke investment roadmap for the mobile payments market

With the mobile payments market in its infancy, and our client’s investment ability constrained by the economic climate, we were asked to appraise emerging payment solutions.We studied payment trends and emerging mobile technologies, setting them against the dynamics of the client business, to create recommendations and an investment roadmap.


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Implementing malware and phishing event detection for a financial services company

Working for one of the most security-conscious financial services firms, we successfully implemented tactical and enhanced malware and phishing event detection. The architecture was re-usable within the group, and included additional third party and in-house detect/act capabilities. Our approach addresses not just technical aspects but also the business operating model design, covering people, processes and governance.

Designing and delivering the largest internet banking programme in Europe since 2008

We have managed the design and delivery of the largest internet banking programme in Europe since 2008. This involves pivotal program management, architecture road mapping and innovation positions. We have delivered technical design and delivery management, business process design and user experience (UX) agency management, security and infrastructure architecture. Our web and mobile solutions have some of the highest levels of sales and servicing penetration (selling 20 points above current account market share).

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