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Implement a Customer-Centric Operating Model 

Many organisations say they want to become more customer-centric – but what does that mean and what are the business benefits that a customer-centric operating model delivers?
Customer centric operating model

We believe we have the answer. We can clearly articulate the attributes and design principles of customer focused business operating models – from channel integration, data management and technology architecture through to people and cultural change requirements.


By supporting the design and build of a target operating model, we can help you through your transformational journey, using our global operating model methodology.

Industry challenges

  • Many organisations fail to match up to today’s consumer expectations. Increasingly customers want immediacy of service, constant accessibility, first time resolution, personalised products and services AND value for money. Yet many operating models are not yet sufficiently agile, flexible and adaptable to meet deliver
  • Statements declaring intentions to become customer centric are commonplace, but few organisations put the building blocks in place to deliver their promises
  • Firms are failing to convert their brand values into tangible customer solutions. They put the quality and consistency of customer service second to efficiency management 
  • Customer centricity starts at the top and requires an organisation-wide cultural shift. The journey can be long and organisations need help to remain true to their business outcomes
  • In spite of customer-focused organisational changes old problems persist. The more challenging changes to behaviours, culture, measures and incentives take time and expertise
  • Regulatory requirements such as Know Your Customer and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act require a single view of customer data. Customer data is often duplicated across a client’s organisation

Our services - we can help you

Change the economics of your business

Target operating model design and implementation: Identifying We know that giving customers optimal experiences which deliver real business value is an enterprise wide challenge. So we deploy our customer insight, global benchmarks and ‘target operating model’ methodology to help ensure you achieve lasting change. We have experience of designing, building and programme-managing the transformational change that delivers customer-focused target operating models.

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Develop the fundamentals of customer centricity

Delivering single view of customer: Discovering Our schemes, models and mechanisms have been designed to accelerate the collation of a single customer view. We provide a consistent approach to finding, cleansing and de-duplicating customer information that delivers a single version of the customer journey and those important Moments of Truth.

Deliver people and cultural change

People powered performance – P3: Our powerful P3 proposition allows you to link your people performance to customer experience and financial performance. This analytical approach can yield data that highlights your key change transformation issues.

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Manage and control customer focus

Customer balanced scorecard: Behind every successful customer-centric business lies a set of common goals and objectives. We help you to implement customer focused scorecards at all levels of your organisation.

Case studies

Helping a UK water company to design and implement a customer-centric transformation

We helped a UK water company to design and implement a customer-centric transformation ahead of a threefold rise in customer contact volume. We put customers at the heart of the redesigned processes, structures, systems requirements and key performance indicators (KPIs). Doing this helped our client achieve a top-quartile benchmarking for customer satisfaction at key ‘moments of truth’.

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Delivering faster compensation through our Customer Remediation Centre (K-CRC)

We have built a single view of customer capability as part of our own operational solutions. At heart of our own Customer Remediation Centre (K-CRC) is the ability to deliver faster compensation through the joining up of customer data.

Building the ideal branch resourcing model for a UK bank to enhance branch performance

We helped a major UK bank to apply its P3 analytical framework across the entire branch network. Using structured analytical frameworks, we demonstrated the relationship between colleague engagement, customer advocacy and branch performance at branch and regional level. We built the ideal branch resourcing model and developed a series of pragmatic solutions to improve customer experience and operational performance.

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Supporting a UK banking group to redesign its customer-balanced scorecard

A UK banking group asked us for support in redesigning the way it monitored, targeted and controlled its business divisions through its customer-balanced scorecard. Our cross-industry insights supported the client transformation programme.

Developing a flexible and agile operating model for a large ‘red brick’ university in the UK

We worked with the Executive Team at a large ‘red brick’ university in the UK to redevelop their operating model to be more flexible and agile in the face of increasing national and international competition to attract students. We redesigned a multi-layered, highly federal structure into one that better balanced the need for central ‘control’ with local ‘business partnering’ support. In the process our team surfaced significant operational cost savings and gained the buy-in of a cross-party team of academic and support staff.



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