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Identify Customer and Revenue Growth Strategies 

We aim to help our clients create economic value from existing and future customers.
Customer Revenue and Growth Strategies

In order to achieve this, we can help you to assess target markets, prioritise the customer segments that have most potential and create value-adding products and services designed to meet the needs of these segments.


We can help you stand out from competitors, to decide how to price products and services and take them to market, using data driven analysis to create informed insights. 

Industry challenges

As we emerge from five years of economic crisis, you’re naturally turning your attention to growth and profitability. But we believe the market has changed in the following ways:

  • Customer trust and loyalty have been shaken by the crisis
  • Digital channels have transformed business models and economics, blurring the definition of products and services
  • Customers expect more from their service providers, demanding immediate access via a wider array of channels and devices
  • Existing markets have become saturated and businesses need to focus on high-growth markets
  • Data has proliferated, but few organisations can turn it into insight
  • Regulators have stepped up scrutiny, ensuring customers are treated fairly and organisations deliver appropriate outcomes

Our services - we can help you

Identify new markets

Customer segmentation and prioritisation: Identifying new and emerging market opportunities through market analysis. Defining customer segments based upon their needs, existing and potential value, attitudes and behaviours.

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Understand your customer value drivers

Customer insight and profitability analysis: Discovering what matters to customers using internal data and primary research. Identifying differentiating factors and what could create maximum economic value.

Increase economics of your offer

Proposition development: Tailoring products, services and customer experience to each customer segment. Making sure these are relevant and compelling in a multi-channel environment.

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Drive growth by pricing for value

Pricing and promotion: Using pricing as a strategic lever to drive revenue and margin growth. Addressing pricing strategy, policy and capabilities.

Improve sales performance

Sales effectiveness: Developing strategies that drive improvements in sales and marketing effectiveness and enhance your return on investment.

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Case studies

Developing a customer and channel strategy for a national travel organisation

We helped a leading national travel organisation develop its customer and channel strategy. We developed key customer segments that combined customers’ travel purpose with local geographical considerations. Having segmented customers, we develop the customer value proposition that clearly defined transformational opportunities for the future.

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Applying our Customer and Cost Insight methodology

We have applied our unique Customer and Cost Insight methodology to several leading product and service providers. We map customer interactions, allocating cost and revenue analysis. Primary research and data analysis show what customers value. Our strategic costing analytic tools reveal detailed customer, segment, product and channel level profitability.

Improving a major UK service provider’s telephony channel effectiveness

We developed a ‘test-and-learn’ plan for a major UK service provider, improving its telephony channel’s effectiveness. This included agent skills development, supporting collateral, a revised reward structure and systems improvements.

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Supporting a leading credit services business in pricing

We supported a leading credit services business in three areas of pricing: tactical pricing, implementation and support tools, and strategy support. We identified opportunities to improve pricing on new and renewal business by 10 percent.

Helping a UK retail bank increase take-up of digital services

We developed a range of propositions to help a UK retail bank increase take-up of digital services across six distinct customer segments. Our propositions improved customer service and reduced cost. By combining pricing, promotion, product design, customer journey design and staff engagement, our client saved over £30 million in 18 months.

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