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Create Value through Customer Analytics 

Customer Analytics is part of our data analytics capability, creating powerful data-driven solutions across a range of our practices.
Customer analytics

We specialise in innovative methods of sourcing and analysing ‘voice-of-customer’ and ‘voice-of-business’ data.


We integrate a range of data – such as revenue, cost, product, risk, channel and profitability – to create customer-centric data models. Using latest business intelligence tools, our modelling team converts this data into actionable insight and puts it in the hands of business decision makers, from the frontline to the board.

Industry challenges

  • As the quantity of data, particularly unstructured data, grows exponentially there are few established ways to exploit it
  • Regulatory pressures, such as the requirement to manage Conduct Risk, are mounting. Businesses need to discover how data can support them in this new environment
  • How businesses respond to increasingly complex customer channel behaviour will impact service levels, retention, sales effectiveness and costs. Data insights can offer a customer-centric view that equips you to match customer, action and channel
  • You need a clear data strategy to ensure you leverage, govern, manage and monetise your customer data effectively

Our services - we can help you

Interrogate customer data to deliver value

Customer centred decisioning: We can provide models, mechanisms and analyses designed to accelerate development of customer-centric insight and intelligence. Our solutions can support next-best action, customer relationship management, product and service development, investment appraisal, cost reduction and issue remediation.

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Monitor and manage customer outcomes

Business dashboards: Our deep technical skills and sector knowledge can deliver industry leading business intelligence solutions. This includes our ‘Rapid BI’ suite (QlikView, Tableau and Microsoft Power View) which integrates data from diverse sources to empower better business decisions. Customer-focused dashboards for all levels of reporting include KPIs and thresholds around customer experience, risks and controls, and customer-journey effectiveness measures.

Use structured/unstructured data to transform

Customer analytics: We can develop ways to understand what matters to customers and how you are performing relative to peers. Our tools have been designed to deliver direct customer feedback (‘voice-of-the customer’) into your decision-making process. They include ‘Mass Opinion Business Intelligence’, which analyses internal and external unstructured data, including customer sentiment and Crowd Connections®, our global crowd-sourcing tool. Our customer insights have been designed to align to structured data sources and behavioural analysis, and deliver strategies for improving customer value.

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Case studies

Developing a customer database for a major UK wealth manager

The customer database we developed for a major UK wealth manager offered clearer insights into customer satisfaction drivers for different customer segments. It also revealed how satisfaction related to behaviour and profitability. This provided benefits ranging from better investment decision making to improved client relationship management.

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Designing a framework to monitor and assess customer experience

After a UK mutual organisation asked us to design an enhanced ‘voice-of-the customer’ approach, we implemented a framework to monitor and assess customer experience. We used internal structured and unstructured data, focus groups and quantitative surveys to gain a deep understanding of satisfaction drivers. As a result, our client focused investment on targeted areas.

Developing a dashboard for end-to-end customer diagnostics for a leading UK bank

A leading UK bank asked us to develop a methodology for performing end-to-end customer process diagnostics, combining operational effectiveness, customer experience, risks and controls. We created a dashboard across all three measures, which identified performance improvement and risk mitigation opportunities.

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Creating an online community of loyalty customers for a luxury hotel chain

For a luxury hotel chain, we created an online community of loyalty customers. This enabled the hotel to update its profile of key customer clusters, test loyalty programme knowledge/perceptions and test preferences for specific loyalty programme benefits. The community also gave insights into guest experience (i.e. booking, check-in, their stay).

Developing a resource allocation tool for the Metropolitan Police for the London 2012 Olympics

In 2012, we worked with the Metropolitan Police in supporting the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. We analysed existing workforce resource modelling and planning information and rapidly developed an easy-to-use and powerful resource allocation tool. This tool helped support the deployment of thousands of police officers from all UK police forces – ensuring the right police presence was where it was needed most.

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