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U-Collaborate is an unique approach to complex problem solving. Through innovative techniques and facilitation, U-Collaborate events help clients through significant transformation or change
U-Collaborate is a proven method of accelerating decision making and overcoming challenges where traditional approaches fail or are too slow to deliver results.

The highly structured and proven process delivers sustainable and practical outcomes, real decision making and gains momentum to drive change forward.

U-Collaborate Transcript:

U-Collaborate is a unique approach to complex problem solving. By applying accelerated learning techniques at individual, group and organisational levels, you provide a risk free environment where solutions can be developed and iterated safely to support real decision making, sustainable outcomes, and gain momentum to drive change forward.


Video Clips


Speaker 1: "It’s a process of iterative design, where you go into breakout groups, report out, share with everyone else, they help improve it, and keep on refining and refining."


Speaker 2: "It’s not a meeting, it’s not even a workshop: it’s a journey. It’s different than anything I’ve been to before, because there’s so much interaction and the journey that you go on is like a compressed change journey in three days.


Speaker 3: "Getting all the expertise of these people into a power-packed three day session, it’s fantastic."


Speaker 4: "It’s a great way of accelerating and getting an alignment across a big group of people."

Increasingly, organisations find that they are facing complex problems involving multiple dimensions, stakeholders and interdependencies: 

Conflicting stakeholder groups, with no agreement in sight.


Stakeholders who lack confidence in the merit of proposed investment decisions.

Change management issues and intense resistance to change throughout the organisation, in some cases driven by change fatigue, others by the belief that things have always been a certain way - why should they change now?


A need to rebuild complex structures such as operating models, processes or organisations.


Little or no ownership of the transformation agenda or commitment to advance.


In process terms, U-Collaborate is radically different from conventional ways of brainstorming problems and reaching decisions: Instead of moving from debate to action as quickly as possible, U-Collaborate does the very opposite: it arrives at practical outcomes, decisions and real consensus via a process of listening, learning and exploration.


U-Collaborate events are high paced with high energy, bringing together the key players from an organisation, function or team in order to overcome major challenges where traditional approaches either fail, or are too slow to deliver tangible results. Using a highly structured and proven process, U-Collaborate enables organisations to achieve innovative breakthroughs quickly.


U-Collaborate brings participants into an environment that is dramatically different to their day to day surroundings. U-Collaborate pushes participants to really listen and to reflect, in an environment which allows people to be creative and in which teams can safely road test, challenge and prototype future possibilities.


U-Collaborate’s approach to problem solving is based on our professional experience, our understanding of they way that people behave, research and latest thinking from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Key Messages:


High energy, high pace

Action orientated

Real decision making

Sustainable outcomes

Drive change forward


Do U C?

 What's on your mind?


  • Significant transformation programmes
  • Complex problems involving multiple dimensions, stakeholders and interdependencies
  • Conflicting stakeholder groups, with no agreement in sight
  • Change management issues; intense resistance across the organisation
  • A lack of ownership of the transformation agenda or little commitment to advance
  • A need to rebuild complex structures such as operating models, processes or organisations
  • Stakeholders who lack confidence in the merit of proposed investment decisions


Bringing you peace of mind


KPMG has run U-Collaborate events with a diverse range of clients across sectors.


Our methodology is based on recent research on systems thinking, leadership and group decision-making.


By combining a vibrant and flexible environment, close collaboration and rapid learning techniques, U-Collaborate enables participants to unlock their creative potential. Often it helps achieve in a couple of days solutions which would typically have taken weeks or months to tackle.


The facilitation team is an integral part of the environment. Team members’ behaviours set the tone for the event as they steer the participants through the tasks before them.


Their energy and enthusiasm help to foster a vibrant, creative atmosphere in which participants can excel.


To optimise results, each event is individually constructed for the specific objectives or problems that the client is trying to address.


What's in it for you?


  • A cost effective way to develop solutions
  • An opportunity to test ideas in a risk-free environment, without any constraints
  • Faster and more effective decision making
  • More innovative, higher quality outputs
  • Need for rework eliminated, or significantly reduced
  • Increased buy-in and sponsorship across the organisation
  • Sense of personal ownership and commitment to deliver results




KPMG’s U-Collaborate is a unique and innovative approach to problem solving, which provides you with the added confidence which comes from working with our global network of  industry experts.


Case Study


Diversified Multi-National Manufacturing Company – Developing the Finance Strategy’ 


  • 90 people from the client’s finance leadership and senior management travelled from four continents to attend a three day finance forum
  • The event aimed to develop the organisation’s finance strategy and to prepare for regional deployment
  • The event was results orientated, creating solutions for driving financial performance
  • The outcomes of the event included a clear roadmap for implementation, clear accountability and commitment to support, and a stronger sense of community between colleagues
  • Following the success of this event, the client requested KPMG’s support in running three regional U-Collaborate events to share the strategy with regional finance teams and to further develop improvement initiatives
  • “You made the Finance Forums an unforgettable event for hundreds of people. You helped us in a fantastic way to get our colleagues aware and engaged – you have an extremely strong format” Vice President, Finance



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