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Issues faced by our clients - Technology 

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Information technology is challenging to get right and costly to get wrong – not only in terms of money spent but also in lost efficiency and potential regulatory infringements. Add in the relentless pace of technological change and the challenge only magnifies. For many clients IT is also the most complex element of transformational change, making it critical to approach IT decisions in terms of business needs first, fashionable technologies second.

This is particularly true in light of organisations' continuing reliance on a complex portfolio of legacy systems and interfaces that exist side by side with new, disruptive technologies – such as cloud, mobile and social media – which require changes to business models.

Our approach focuses on the business benefits of technology. We give business leaders confidence that their investments in technology will deliver real and sustainable value. We advise clients on how best to orchestrate the complex IT ecosystem of traditional applications and infrastructure, cloud services, mobile applications and social networking platforms that the modern private and public-sector entity requires to serve its stakeholders effectively. We help clients determine the most efficient combination of legacy and new technologies and IT structures that enable business transformation and drive competitive advantage. We determine how systems can be simplified to ease implementation and adoption and help our clients execute a plan to achieve lasting value.


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Using Technology to Business Advantage

Using Technology to Business Advantage

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KPMG Slant - The digital crossroads

KPMG Slant - The digital crossroads


Technology has revolutionised the day-to-day lives of individuals and organisations alike. But if we're to continue to benefit and to profit from it, and if we're to minimise the potential downsides, we're going to have make some choices.


Tax in the Cloud


Business models are evolving as companies worldwide respond to changes in technology and the rise of cloud computing. From a tax perspective, this means change. KPMG’s Tax in the Cloud report addresses a number of direct and indirect issues, challenges and opportunities that can arise when adopting cloud services.