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Organisation Design 

Organisation Design is of interest to all companies, as it puts in place the frameworks and tools to create effective organisations, enabling them to achieve and sustain their strategy and vision.

It is done through implementing appropriate structures and by supporting infrastructure, processes, systems, values and behaviours.

Undertaking such exercises enables the organisation to create an environment where the capabilities and focus of its people become aligned to its strategy.

What's on your mind?


  • Your organisation needs to reshape and create more efficient ways of working to deliver on its business drivers and strategy
  • The necessity for your organisation to be the right size in order to maximise efficiencies
  • Your organisation needs a clear line of sight from strategy to execution
  • Level of flexibility of your organisation, so that it can respond quickly and efficiently to market changes
  • Finding the right size for your organisation so that it can respond to customer demands in an increasingly competitive marketplace


Bringing you peace of mind


  • We use a proven, evidence-based approach which facilitates collaboration but also incorporates key accountabilities, sign-off and  decision-making, resulting in a pragmatic and workable design for the organisation within tight timescales
  • Our process aligns stakeholders behind a strategy and its implications, ensuring that they consider how they will organise their teams and how they work to operationalise and achieve that strategy
  • Our approach works at any level of an organisation - from transforming the operating model across the entire company, to reviewing and increasing the effectiveness of just one team, and at any stage of organisational growth - from start-up to long-established operations


What's in it for you?


  • Better alignment of organisational effort to execute business drivers and priority areas
  • Improved decision-making ability as duplication of effort has been removed
  • Opportunities to shape your teams more effectively and more closely aligned to the organisation's needs and strategy
  • Clear accountabilities across roles and teams, enabling enhanced decision-making and quick response to customers




  • We have helped organisations achieve savings in the range of 10 - 35 percent of staff costs
  • Our practitioners have more than 15 years experience of supporting multinational organisations with organisational design
  • As objective advisors we bring independence to the process, improving transparency and perceived fairness


Case Study




  • The client wanted to transform its regional finance service centres into a 'best in class' global operating model by offshoring most of its service delivery, while retaining key customer interfaces and higher value roles onshore




  • Working with the client's senior finance team, KPMG advised on both the strategy and implementation to transition and transform their organisation




  • A global operating model with offshored finance service delivery, combined with efficient regional centres for key customer interfaces and higher value roles
  • Programme planning and governance
  • A HR & change management roadmap
  • Culture assessment and behaviour change interventions to build the right capability offshore, and ensure effective working between retained and offshore teams
  • Development and roll out of new reward for performance, career structure and training and development to build a sustainable and competitive delivery organisation




  • A globally integrated and scalable finance service delivery
  • An operating model structured around global end-to-end 'Process Ownership' and 'Account Management' to drive continuous improvement and commercial focus
  • Restructure and transition of processes and roles while maintaining business continuity and retaining key talents for the retained organisation
  • On target to deliver savings in the region of 25 - 30 percent as devised in the business case