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Finance Transformation 

Could transforming your finance function help transform your business?


Finance transformation is aimed at creating a finance function that is able to influence business leaders to make better business decisions. It will help to clarify the role of finance in driving strategic business imperatives, and will focus the finance function on delivering the right information to the right business leaders at the right time.


Many finance functions are still struggling to produce real business information that helps business leaders make the right business decisions. 


"Up to 50 percent of managers place no confidence in the numbers presented to them.”

Business Intelligence Research, Cambridge University, 2009

What's on your Mind?


  • How can the Finance function align itself to business strategy and be an effective business partner?
  • How can Finance produce accurate and efficient current and future views of organisational performance in order to satisfy the information needs of internal and external stakeholders?
  • How can Finance restructure the organisation in order to provide cost efficient and effective finance processes? 
  • How can Finance attract, develop and retain the best talent?
  • How can Finance build and sustain sufficient governance and internal controls and manage organisational risk?


Bringing you Peace of Mind


We can help to make the finance function more effective in driving business value and more efficient in the way that it currently operates within the organisation.

Our approach, methodology and team are "field tested”. They have been repeatedly proven by working alongside our clients on their critical finance restructuring and redesign projects. Our finance transformation approach provides a framework for designing, building and sustaining a world class finance organisation.


What's in it for you?


  • Establishing a clearly articulated global finance vision and strategy, aligned to business needs, enables finance to deliver business value to all stakeholders
  • Creating the appropriate finance operating model provides flexibility to deal with future organisational changes
  • Standardising and automating processes leads to greater efficiencies and increased productivity (and potential cost savings)
  • Faster, more accurate reporting and forecasting, aligned to clear business metrics, enables informed strategic decisions and improved business performance
  • Maximising the Finance function's performance significantly increase its value to the business.




  • We have worked with the finance functions of the top five FTSE companies in the past two years and over 60 percent of the FTSE 250
  • We have a depth of knowledge and recent experience in all industry sectors that make up the FTSE 100
  • In the last two years we have also provided financial management advice to clients right across the public sector, including the largest .Central Government Departments, Local and Regional Government, Health Trusts, Education and Transport organisations.