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Issues faced by our clients - Efficiency and cost management 

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KPMG research shows that costs only recently eliminated as a matter of survival are flying back into the business at an incredible pace, making it all the more important to ensure that cost reductions and business values are sustained. That's no easy task. Enterprises, customers, partners and other stakeholders are so interconnected that it's all too easy simply to move costs around without actually cutting them.
We take a holistic view of a client's organisation to make the entire enterprise or business function more efficient and effective.  Across functions like finance, HR and IT and operational areas like procurement, supply chain, and sales and marketing we go beyond traditional benchmarking. We provide deep insights into the leading practices of high-performing comparator organisations within and outside the client's sector to enhance the return. Our subject matter experts across these areas dig deep into the root causes of cost inefficiencies, facilitate discussion about desired and actual service levels and then execute to deliver measurable results. Once cost efficiencies have been achieved, we prepare clients to sustain them over the long term by addressing the behavioural and cultural factors that impede sustainable cost improvements.

Clients use our services to:

  • deliver significant and sustainable cost reductions across the entire organisation
  • address the underlying cultural and organisational drivers of cost inefficiency