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Decisions at Lightning Speed 

'Decisions at Lightning Speed' is the first chapter in the fast|forward series.  Rob Hortopp argues that scenario planning for every conceivable eventuality will become a necessity for future organisations wanting to stay ahead of the curve.
Chapter 1 - Decisions at Lightning speed

"I believe that business needs to take a deep breath and learn that to do things quicker they must relearn the lost art of strategy.  Organisations today have forgotten the basic art of planning and scenario playing.


In 2035, Owners and Boards making "decisions" at lightning speed will be a fallacy.  All decisions are now pre-packaged, with pre-agreed, pre-tested scenarios ready to be enacted at the push of the button.


Information now comes from almost every source possible - social, environmental, economic - and is fed into four-dimensional models with scenarios for every conceivable combination of variables imaginable.  Scenarios exist for everything.


Technology has seduced and confused in equal measure.  The move towards greater automation has become a quest without cause.


Planning today, I think, has been relegated to a corporate overhead; a necessary evil, predicting outcomes the Board expects in a self fulfilling prophecy.


By 2035, organisations will have realised some time ago that success using this approach was based on luck alone and represented irresponsible management.


In fact, the race to get this right will have been won many years previously."


Rob Hortopp, Director, KPMG LLP (UK)


What's your view?  Do you agree or disagree with Rob?


By 2035:

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Find out more about Rob - what will he be doing in 2035? Read the author biography (PDF 100 KB).

Chapter 1 - Decisions at Lightning Speed