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Issues faced by our clients - Customer Growth 

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Although growth is a leading priority for the C-suite, companies struggle with execution – in particular, making the customer experience a top strategic priority. Barely half of the companies surveyed by Forrester Research measure and monitor company wide customer experience. Less than a third dedicate funds for customer experience improvements. Only a quarter have executives who reward employees for customer experience efforts.
We work with clients to reinvent their organic growth model through improved customer insight, engagement and enhanced sales and marketing effectiveness. We provide advice on the markets and customers that will give them the best opportunity for profitable, sustained revenue growth. We assess the customer experiences that will maximise loyalty, engagement and profitability and serve customers through their preferred channels – both digital and traditional. We help them understand how their product portfolio should be redefined to address a broad spectrum of customer segments.

Clients use our services to:

  • segment customers based on needs and value
  • enhance customer acquisition, retention and cross/up selling 
  • enrich the customer experience 
  • improve sales and marketing performance