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Business Resilience 

Our Business Resilience (BR) team specialises in four main areas:


  • Business Continuity – Allowing people to carry on during disruption, getting on with their work
  • Technology Resilience – Protecting critical IT services, keeping services running when it matters
  • Crisis Management – Knowing how to cope when the unexpected happens
  • Financial Resilience – Stress testing your financial preparedness

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Supply Chain Resilience


Building a resilient supply chain has become vital. The inter-dependent nature and networks of global businesses (production facilities, operating controls, stock management, transportation, logistics, information and cash-flow) and the implementation of global systems and technologies all combine to create new risks to the business.


IT Service Continuity


Data Centres can be affected by many events. Power and communications can be disrupted leaving systems unable to deliver. Without adequate solutions, recovery can be difficult. External audits often highlight the lack of preparedness in this area.


Data Centre Disaster Recovery (DR) Testing


DR plans are usually tested regularly, but are these tests really proving that those DR plans can be relied on to deliver when it counts?


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Business Continuity


  • Design and delivery of end-to-end business continuity and resilience capabilities 
  • Targeted review and assessment of existing capabilities and roadmap for improvement
  • Supply chain resilience review and assessment
  • Support for internal audit and independent assessment of business resilience controls
  • Tactical BR support for wider IT and operating model transformation programmes


Technology Resilience 


  • Design and implementation of IT service continuity policies, procedures and capabilities
  • Service continuity and infrastructure capability assessment and remediation
  • Review, testing and improvement of IT disaster recovery and service continuity capabilities


Crisis Management


  • Design and implementation of crisis management command and control structures, plans, procedures and capabilities
  • Full suite of crisis management exercising ranging from tabletop walkthrough exercises to complex, multi-layered, multi-party scenario and simulation events


Financial Resilience 


  • Financial resilience scenario analysis, assessment of financial impacts over long term events
  • Design and delivery of exercises to stress test financial tolerance
  • Review and assessment of recovery and resolution plans for operational vulnerabilities




  • Access to a wide range of experienced resilience and technology specialists
  • Experience in delivering global programmes
  • Strong reputation and track record in our chosen sectors


Case study


Financial and Insurance


We have worked with leading financial institutions and banking regulators across the financial market in the UK and overseas to design and facilitate a number of market-wide incident management exercises designed to simulate a major crisis. Additionally, we work with individual firms and institutions to design and exercise their crisis management and business resilience capabilities, helping to drive improvement and foster a spirit of ‘collaborative working’ across the sector.


Energy and Resources


Our capabilities in these sectors range from designing and implementing business continuity capabilities for major oil and gas providers around the world, to delivering board level crisis management exercises and the design of crisis and command frameworks for power and mining companies. Our experience working cross border with KPMG member firms helps us tailor our work to the local and global needs of our clients.


Manufacturing, Retail and Pharmaceuticals


Working with the supply chain to build resilience across all aspects brings with it a unique set of challenges. Our experience of delivering end to end business resilience programmes, designing and implementing IT service continuity capabilities across the global markets, and creating flexible and integrated business continuity capabilities enables us to bring the latest thinking and established capabilities to our clients.