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Programme Design and Delivery 

How to design for a successful implementation?


At KPMG we provide independent programme advice and assurance services to ERP enabled business transformation programmes. The ERP Programme Design and Delivery services will help you design the ERP programme to succeed.  


Programme Design and Delivery

Your issues

  • How to standardise and harmonise ERP systems at a global, regional and local level
  • How to manage System Integrators effectively
  • How to implement and monitor ERP implementations and/or upgrades
  • How to assess whether we are designing for a successful implementation

ERP Programme Design and Delivery Services

  • Business Process Visioning and Design
  • Programme and Project Management Office
  • Data Strategy and Implementation
  • Programme Setup
  • Programme Management
  • Technical Architecture Design
  • Technical Design Implementation

The benefits

  • Set up your programmes to succeed
  • Manage your programmes to deliver the target business outcomes
  • Design appropriate technology solutions
  • Select appropriate parties to deliver the technical elements of your programmes
  • Align data strategy and data solutions with the organisation requirements


Key facts


  • KPMG conducted a global survey* of more than 600 companies in 22 countries to identify key trends in project and programme management. These are some of the results:

  “Only 39% of projects had funding based on deliverables or achievement of milestones”
“Only 23% of projects had success linked to individual performance plans

“49 %of participants have suffered at least one project failure with the average cost of a failed IT project being close to £8m”


( * ) Source: KPMG Programme Assurance Pack 2008



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