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Joint Ventures 

Including strategic alliances, partnerships and collaborations 

KPMG advises its clients on joint ventures, strategic alliances and partnerships at all stages from creation through to exit – and is the only Big Four firm with a dedicated joint ventures practice. Our hands-on experience of what can happen later in the life cycle helps our clients capture opportunities, avoid pitfalls and tackle existing problems - or sound the alarm before they arise.

Collaboration imperative growing for most companies

This was the contention of the first speaker at the 2nd KPMG/Thought Leader Global Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures Forum in London recently. Collaboration and co-innovation – with academic institutions, partner companies, start-ups, customers and even competitors – were discussed by 40-50 representatives from a range of companies. Though some expressed reluctance, all accepted that partnering is becoming more prevalent and that companies need to get to grips with what it means for them and their markets. Read some of the key messages (PDF 26 KB) from the Forum.

Hot market issues

Creating and setting up
Protecting and sustaining Improving or exiting
  • Using collaborative ventures for international expansion
  • Foreseeing the devilish detail of good alliance planning
  • Exerting influence as a minority shareholder
  • Practical control and consolidation in a strategic partnership
  • Governance ”health checks” maintain momentum
  • JV advice or marriage guidance?
  • Setting up for long-term success – negotiating a “fair” deal
  • Non-equity structures - simpler or riskier?
  • Improve - to sell?
  • Kicking the tyres of a infrastructure JV in the Middle East
  • Information is a dangerous thing
  • Impact of ineffectual Management
More information on creating and setting up More information on protecting and sustaining More information on improving or exiting

For many foreign companies in China, times are getting tougher

In the last three years, China has contributed more than any other country to the growth of consumption.  But for many of our clients, times are getting tougher due to higher costs and slower growth.  We summarise the impacts of some of the key trends.