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Bid Services - Bidding for a public company 

Taking over a public company is a high risk strategy, subject to regulation and fast-moving timetables. KPMG’s Bid Services team assists clients throughout their bid/merger approach for a public company – whether friendly or hostile, UK or cross-border. We can advise you from the initial pre-approach evaluation, through due diligence, and on to successful integration.

What's on your mind?

  • How can I assess the key risks and opportunities of the potential bid/merger and the value impact on the enlarged group?
  • How do I value the target public company, and the potential revenue and cost synergies? 
  • How can I make an informed bid or merger approach for a public company?
  • How will the Takeover Code affect the process and timetable for UK targets?

How can we help

Our advice can help you with your analysis and valuation of the target, the identification of key issues, and your bid tactics. Post approach, we are able to assist with more detailed analysis and support you in your negotiations. Our role complements the separate roles of your financial and legal advisers. Typically, we assist in the following areas:


  • Pre-approach evaluation: We carry out a detailed evaluation of the target, based initially on a confidential analysis of information in the public domain and our own sources, which aims to identify key risks and opportunities, and to inform your valuation thinking. 
  • Due Diligence and Valuation: Based on our initial evaluation we develop a due diligence approach tailored to your specific transaction, and focused on the key valuation issues.
  • Synergies and integration: We help you value the potential revenue and cost synergies, develop a synergies case and advise on the initial integration planning.
  • Transaction structuring advice: We devise transaction structures from an accounting, financing, working capital, tax, HR and pensions perspective.
  • Transaction impact on the bidder: We assess the potential earnings, balance sheet and tax implications of the transaction on your financial statements.


  • Our dedicated Bid Services team focuses specifically on helping our clients with public company transactions. 
  • Our approach is tailored to address your transaction needs, and we will bring the right team including due diligence, valuation, accounting, financing, synergies, tax, pension, integration and other  specialists.



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Maggie Brereton

Maggie Brereton

Partner, Bid Services

KPMG in the UK


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