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I need help with Joint Ventures
Successfully identifying, developing and executing JVs presents complex challenges, requiring capabilities not typically found within the corporate environment. KPMG's JV team includes hands on experience of operating JVs around the world, from transaction and set up through to exit.

I need a strategy for growth

Where is your business going? Where will future growth come from? Answering these fundamentals questions is easier when you have unbiased advice from experienced professionals who take the time to understand your needs and examine possibilities to help you find the best path to growth.

I need to identify investment opportunities

KPMG can assist throughout an acquisition, from identifying investment opportunities and evaluating targets to advising on the most appropriate pricing structure, our experience spans every stage of the transaction lifecycle.

I need to deliver synergies and integrate

Understanding the benefits from rationalising group structure is crucial before embarking on significant alterations. KPMG can assist with ensuring new acquisitions are structured appropriately to integrate within the businesses current structure and deliver maximum cost and revenue synergies to the organisation.

I have growing concerns about my cash flow and operating performance

KPMG can help deliver operational restructuring plans that ensure benefits reach the bottom line of the profit and loss. 

I need to substantially restructure the business and operating model

KPMG can provide an opportunity for stressed and distressed businesses to stabilise and implement a process of strategic, operational and financial change. The aim is to turnaround the business and help generate outstanding and lasting value.

I need to make disposals

Freeing up cash through disposals, whether for growth or to service debt, needs a considered approach. KPMG can advise on the full disposal, from financial impacts to practical separation advice. By understanding your objectives and your company’s position in depth, KPMG can help structure a deal that meets your needs, no matter how complex.

I need to manage my business through a severe crisis

Working with companies that have limited options, and at times of intense pressure, to help buy time to restructure and/or refinance.

I need to refinance my loans

The impending refinancing ‘wave’ due to hit the UK this year means that even planned refinancing requires a new approach. KPMG provide independent, dedicated and client focused debt advice, meeting the challenges of clients and finding the best possible refinancing solution to support your business.                     

I want a transformational growth strategy

Re-positioning your business requires strategic thinking and specialist advice. KPMG combines in-depth sector and technical experience to help you transform your business activities to accelerate growth.

I want to make a series of acquisitions

KPMG can advise on all aspects of M&A, from strategic planning and due diligence to pensions advice and post-merger integration.

I need more capital

Whether your business needs capital for acquisitions or an increase in cash flow, KPMG advisors can assist you in evaluating the full range of options available and selecting the most appropriate solution to support your business.

I want to sell none-core assets

Our disposals specialists have extensive experience in managing the divestment process to help you re-focus your business activities and expedite growth.


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