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Power and Utilities

Power and Utilities 

"Power and Utilities companies are reinventing themselves in the face of immense changes in their business environment. The winners are agile and have a clear view of their core competencies and their customer needs."
David Gascoigne, Partner

The UK Power and Utilities industry is under ever increasing amounts of pressure as it faces the challenges of climate change, security of supply, an ever changing economic and regulatory climate and population growth – all of which have significant impacts on energy infrastructure planning.


As the market develops and evolves in response to the changing environment in which it is operating, where will the new opportunities for players be? Which business models will be most effective? What competencies will be key? How will the business environment change as funding is increasingly provided by overseas investors?

How we can help

At KPMG, our team of 200 Power and Utilities experts advise across a broad spectrum of key stakeholders on issues ranging from M&A in the renewables sector and new-build nuclear on an international basis through to PR14 for UK-based water companies.


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            David Gascoigne

            David Gascoigne


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            John Luke

            John Luke

            Partner, Head of Power & Utilities Audit

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