United Kingdom

Investing in the UK technology sector 

Exploring why technology firms should choose to invest in the UK

The UK is no different in that a successful, attractive technology sector is crucial if the country is to maintain its position as a leading economy. But why should any technology organisation choose to invest in the UK, as opposed to the numerous other countries who are all pushing the same message about being such a great place to come to?


Personally, I think there are plenty of reasons. However, there should be a balance in such discussions. It would be too easy to come across as the rose-tinted propagandist on such a topic. And while there are plenty of positives for the UK within this debate, there are other mitigating factors that we must be mindful of – and which must be confronted.


Debating the pros and cons

It is worth considering some of the key questions about what the UK currently has in its favour in this global battle for technology investment. Which factors make the UK an attractive investment location – but which of those factors are coming under threat? What single thing could we do to improve the UK’s attractiveness? And when looking at our global competitors, what aspects of their “offering” do we envy the most?