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Keep your technology disruptive, not your business model


Technology companies, large and small, are changing the way everyone does business with industry challenging innovations. But if you’re in this fast moving industry, how can you avoid the challenge of your own fast-changing business model?

Tech Monitor UK

UK tech sector records strongest growth performance for almost a decade, latest Tech Monitor UK report by KPMG and Markit reveals.

Keeping up with the pace of your own change

As your business changes, your business model needs to be flexible. Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical experience can provide the business support and insights you need so you can focus on your next innovation.

Smart solutions to tough challenges

Maybe you’re looking to benefit from intellectual property, or you want to make more from consolidation and acquisition. Perhaps you’re refining your global financial processes. Whatever your challenges our experienced industry experts deliver thoughtful solutions to help you tackle them.


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KPMG Slant - The digital crossroads

KPMG Slant - The digital crossroads

Technology is the broadest of churches. Virtual, online, cyber; these terms impact on us all as citizens of the internet era. But technology is as much about the industry sector, the components it produces and how they help enhance or protect our online existence as it is about the cyber experience itself. The risks those businesses face - and the funding they require to thrive – should be as important to us as our own online privacy or cyber identity.

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