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Meeting today’s challenges to build a brighter future.


The reform of the UK Education system give rise to a number of significant management challenges, but we believe it will also provide new opportunities to help grow and sustain this world class sector. 

How can we help? 


Tightened public expenditure, high levels of unemployment and a rapidly changing global education environment mean the Education sector has to deliver ‘more for less’. KPMG is there to provide long-term support as you meet these challenges head-on. 

Our depth of experience in providing assurance and advisory services across Higher Education, Further Education, Schools and Academies, combined with our global network of Education professionals to support your international agenda programme, will ensure you are ready to move forward against a backdrop of change.


Please contact us to find out more about how KPMG is supporting the Education sector. 

Helping to grow and susatin a world class sector


A suite of offerings

KPMG's education team has launched a suite of offerings to highlight how we are helping to sustain the UK’s world class Higher Education sector. 

Academies provide huge opportunities to do things differently and better. The challenge is achieving that goal – which is why Principals, Governors, Trustees and Sponsors in Academies often feel simultaneously daunted and excited at the prospect. 

Academies of the future 

Sustained growth in the learning and skill sector


A suite of offerings

KPMG's education team has a suite of offerings to help nurture sustained growth in the learning and skills sector.