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The reform of the UK Education system give rise to a number of significant management challenges, but we believe it will also provide new opportunities to help grow and sustain this world class sector. 

FOCUS on Higher Education

Focus on Higher Education

We have launched the 2nd edition of our new multi-media magazine and app: Focus on Higher Education. The app is available to download on both tablets and laptops for easy accessibility.



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Tightened public expenditure, high levels of unemployment and a rapidly changing global education environment mean the Education sector has to deliver ‘more for less’. KPMG is there to provide long-term support as you meet these challenges head-on. 

Our depth of experience in providing assurance and advisory services across Higher Education, Further Education, Schools and Academies, combined with our global network of Education professionals to support your international agenda programme, will ensure you are ready to move forward against a backdrop of change.


Please contact us to find out more about how KPMG is supporting the Education sector. 

Funding advice to the Higher Education Sector


Funding advice to the Higher Education sector

We act as a single point of contact for potential funders and other advisers, driving an agreed timetable. 

International services for universities


International services for universities

Our breadth and depth of experience can support you with your international ambitions in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. 

Implications of the Summer Budget 2015 on education


Implications of the Summer Budget 2015 on education

The Summer Budget included significant changes to pensions taxation that will affect your higher earners and create tax charges which will limit their pension growth. 

Contact us

Contact us

Mike Rowley


UK Head of Education


0121 232 3147 


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Magnet Cities co-author Caroline Haynes talks to Greg Wade from Universities UK about universities, economic growth and cities.