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Private Equity 

Businesses in this sector face new a number of evolving challenges. In particular, the fundraising environment is much tougher with investors increasingly cautious of this asset class due to decreased returns during the global financial crisis. They now seek improved returns for lower fees and greater transparency.

Although the post-crisis economic recovery has been slow in most developed markets, the private equity sector appears in a state of cautious optimism as banking markets continue to recover. However, we can expect high prices for quality assets and a likely low-growth economic environment in the medium term in most developed markets. So general partners will need to work harder and smarter if they’re to add value to their portfolios.

This will require a better understanding of targets pre-acquisition and more value enhancing intervention during ownership. Advisers will therefore require deep insight into the relevant business sectors and the ability to understand companies thoroughly from an operational and strategic perspective. Clarity will be essential and we can provide it.

KPMG in the UK was the first accountancy organisation to introduce a dedicated multi-disciplinary private equity group. Our professionals are able to offer a global perspective through KPMG's global network of member firms and are ideally placed to help funds exploit opportunities in high-growth developing markets and ultimately add value for investors.

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