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Globally, the power and utilities sector is experiencing challenges and reforms the like of which have not been seen for 20 years.  Security of supply (power), decarbonisation and energy costs are key policy drivers for almost every nation and nuclear power is currently being implemented in over 50 countries. Nuclear is widely recognised as an important part of the solution for low carbon electricity generation, and as a result many counties have embarked on significant nuclear programmes and market reforms to accommodate nuclear power as a significant element of their future energy mix. These programmes are not without challenges; from capital expenditure costs in excess of US$5bn a unit, the need for extensive and rigorous policy and regulatory systems as well as the requirement for international co-ordination related to proliferation and liability. All of these challenges have a significant impact of the available finance for nuclear power.


Our service lines have been developed and sculpted based on what we have seen in the market and what we believe will provide value to clients. We offer a truly multi functional approach meeting the integrated needs of our clients with focus on delivery and solutions to challenges; as a result we have a dedicated team of experts delivering advice to clients across the nuclear lifecycle.

4th Annual KPMG Global Power & Utilities Conference 7-8 October 2014, London


This year the conference will examine the power industry’s trilemma of security of supply, low carbon and affordability, as well as for the first time examining some of the key issues facing the water sector.


Keynote speakers include:


Lord Hutton of Furness – Chairman of the UK’s Nuclear Industry Association
Basil Scarsella – CEO, UK Power Networks
Greg Kist – President, Petronas PNW LNG
Marie-Theres Thiell – Head of Central and Eastern Europe, RWE


This annual conference is KPMG’s leading event for CEOs, divisional heads and financial executives in the power & utilities sector and brings together over 250 executives worldwide.


Lessons from the UK's nuclear program

As governments around the world look to dramitically revise their power generation mix, many are closely watching the UK's new nuclear program to learn important lessons and best practices. The complexities are enormous.

 Lessons from the UK's nuclear program (PDF 1.16 MB) 

Lessons learned


Reforms in the utilities sector - why we can't afford to get it wrong 
The UK is facing a fundamental challenge to ensure long-term, sustainable access to and the provision of electricity and water.  This paper examines these challenges and opportunities.

 Reforms in the utilities sector - why we can't afford to get it wrong (PDF 548 KB) 

 Reforms in the Utility Sector

Pressure building on utilities' credit ratings through reforms and uncertainity 
In the UK alone, £200bn needs to be invested in energy infrastructure and at least a further £40bn in the water sector over the next ten years to meet the challenges of climate change, decarbonisation and population growth.  These investment needs can only be met if access to capital is maintained, this paper identifies the options.

Pressure building on utilities' credit ratings through reforms and uncertainity (PDF 391 KB)

 Pressure Building

Operational Transformation in the Power & Utilities Sector 
This paper looks at the opportunities available such as lean based process-driven transformation; performance through people; IT delivery assurance; operational excellence; and asset performance optimisation.

 Operational Transformation in the Power & Utlilities Sector (PDF 612 KB) 

 Operational Transformation

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