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Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas 

This is a time of extraordinary global economic and political turbulence, and the Oil and Gas industry is facing some fundamental challenges. Historically, the focus in this industry has been on locating resources and meeting rising energy demands. Today, however, the picture is more complex.

The fall off in demand for fuel, particularly for transportation and manufacturing, has significantly hit demand, and evolving regulatory pressures are squeezing already tight margins. As we move into an era where technology provides the competitive edge and companies look to add value, rather than volume, businesses in the sector need forward thinking advice and practical strategies from professionals who understand their businesses and their challenges.

KPMG's Oil and Gas network serves all areas of the industry in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. We advise global corporations, independents, refining and oil service firms and national oil companies. Along with financial and risk expertise, our specialist teams can provide strategic input and insight to help produce enduring results for our clients.

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