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Media - What's trending? 

Media - What's trending?

The media industry is changing.


I have the pleasure of working with clients across the industry and it is clear that many are facing an uncertain future. Digital disruption is rewriting the status quo; plunging established business models and deep rooted structures into disarray. Ever new waves of technological change are presenting complex challenges and there is no obvious agreement as to what works and what doesn’t.


In an effort to remain agile and adapt to market trends, the leadership agenda is also subject to constant change. The list of priorities is endless. Here, I outline what I believe are the top four issues facing the media industry. From my experience with clients, I deliberated four categories: the top concern; the emerging issue; the value-adding priority and the ‘black sheep’.


Read on to see how I voted and let me know if you agree.


David Elms

David Elms

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