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Digital disruption is rewriting the status quo, plunging many established business models and deep rooted structures into disarray. With each new wave of technological change, a complex pattern of challenges emerges with, as yet, no obvious route forward


Technology is reshaping the relationship between content and consumers. With mobile set to play a big role in future, TV everywhere is a reality. And while digital players will surely close the ‘quality gap’ there is no evidence to suggest that this will undermine established broadcasters.

So where are the opportunities?

Fortune really does favour the bold. Competitive advantage will require the will to make fundamental changes without fear of experimentation. And once the experience has been gained, it must be turned towards the delivery of a workable and profitable business model. Simply not playing the game isn’t an option in our view.

TV networks must think fast and exploit their inherent strengths: brand value, expertise, insight and capital. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but those who shy away from emergent technology could endanger their competitive advantage.

As for newspapers, debate continues about whether they even have a future. We believe they have for now, but beyond ten years we’re not so sure. Online platforms have unveiled opportunities to engage audiences and raise revenues, but there is unlikely to be one solution for all. Different publications may need to try a range of content models.

How we can help

Our sector specialists will challenge your business models and help you drive out operational cost. We’ll also support you in managing the continuing disruption so that, whether you’re in publishing, broadcasting, music, film or marketing services, you’re well placed for the potential opportunities ahead.


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