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It is not only Brazil, Russia, India and China that offer lucrative opportunities for UK businesses. Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey and Mexico are also growing economies with potential investment opportunities.

For example, countries like Turkey and Mexico have considerably lower numbers of competitors in the electronics and industrial products sectors than other economies so investment opportunities face less competition.


Similarly, opportunities are being presented with low labour costs, accessible ports and membership of the ASEAN trade organization as Vietnam is beginning to benefit from the search for an East Asian production location that serves as an alternative to increasingly expensive China. However, in education, infrastructure, and macroeconomics, there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome.


KPMG can help you to overcome the challenges associated and benefit from the opportunities associated with moving to these countries by advising on issues such as selecting a location, implementing expansion plans, tax and regulatory compliance.


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International Strategy

International Strategy

International Strategy and internationalization means different things to different businesses - from exporting goods, to manufacturing goods for import; from supply chain management, to supplying booming consumer markets in High Growth Markets; from tax structuring to structuring transactions. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy which comes with the guarantee of success.