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KPMG’s global healthcare practice forms a network of expertise with deep insight in the sector. Access here the latest publications from our UK and international healthcare teams covering a broad range of issues and themes currently facing healthcare systems around the world.

More than medicineMore than medicine examines strategies and emerging opportunities life sciences companies can use to align their interests and expertise to evolving healthcare systems.


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An uncertain ageFew if any societies have truly faced up to the magnitude of the long term elderly care crisis. If this system fails it will have devastating consequences for elderly individuals, their families, the economy and wider society.


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Something to teach, Something to learnThis report aims to provide a snapshot of the thinking and learning that emerged from KPMG's Global Healthcare summit held in Rome.


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Issues MonitorAs the £20bn efficiency drive bites further, some may be tempted to view staff as a cost to the system. In our latest article on workforce productivity we argue for a more strategic and longer term view.


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Issues MonitorContracting Value: Shifting Paradigms, KPMG’s Global Healthcare thought leadership report examines the root causes of sub-optimal healthcare and identifies three core principles that – when taken together – demonstrate a clear path to driving value from healthcare systems.


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Issues MonitorHealthcare systems currently face a funding crisis, which is adversely affecting health outcomes. High unemployment and the slow pace of recovery have further weakened the public sector and its ability to supply quality health services in Europe. This trend is spreading to other geographies, including the US, as economies across the globe are far more interdependent than ever before. The current financial crisis is an acute form of what is likely to become chronic in many western economies.


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Taking the Pulse: A global study of healthcare mergers and acquisitionsThis report examines the healthcare industry as it faces an era of change and transition.


As populations grow, demographics shift and the gap between the rich and the poor increases, the demand for health services will rise significantly in both the developed and the developing world.


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PERFORM: Helping the NHS deliver up to 20% efficiency savingsThe challenges facing the NHS will not be solved by more blue sky, conceptual thinking. Success will be found through skill, dedication and sheer effort - taking each yard of mud, step by step. We are committed to supporting the NHS as it enters the most significant era of reform to date. Under the banner ‘Perform’ our 10 propositions have been tested an delivered with NHS organisations and have produced efficiency gains of up to 20%.


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