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If banks are to drive growth in the sector, they will need to implement first class strategic transformation initiatives.

There is a growing sense of self-belief returning to the UK banking sector as positive signs for the future emerge from the debris of the financial crisis. We believe banks must redefine themselves to secure their long-term futures. At KPMG, we're optimistic. Undoubtedly challenges still remain.

This means embracing new cultures, transforming delivery capabilities, and replacing outdated infrastructures with modern, flexible technologies that enable product innovation and growth. Value-driven, ethical approaches must be embedded. Transparent and efficient transactions need to be prioritised to ensure that UK banks can compete in today’s increasingly fair and efficient markets.

Greater focus must be placed on better outcomes for customers to earn their trust. Lastly, banks must revitalise their business models not only to cut costs and remove unnecessary complications, but also to unify their businesses and implement effective risk management and controls.


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