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While the restructuring that followed the financial crisis has made our banks safer, existing business models are no longer fit-for-purpose. We are in a new world.

This new era raises a new set of challenges. How can banks be reconfigured as profitable businesses while also fulfilling their historic role as the lifeblood of the economy? A strong economic revival requires a strong banking sector.


There are other challenges: how best to balance retail and investment banking operations; how to operate internationally within increasingly localised jurisdictions and how to counter the growing threat of cyber crime.


Nobody wants a repeat of 2008, but in seeking to make UK banks safer, has the flood of regulation harmed their viability? And will it all even work? The next crisis is unlikely to resemble the last one.


At KPMG, we believe that old business models need to be torn up and banks need to innovate. As the world we operate in continues to change, KPMG has the forward-looking insights to provide the help and advice you need.


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Basel 4 – Emerging from the mist?

Regulators around the world – and the banks themselves – have fast-tracked the implementation of Basel 3 as a safeguard against another financial crisis, raising the capital levels that banks must hold. But there are strong signals that we are already moving beyond this to the emergence of the next iteration of the capital standards framework, or ‘Basel 4’.


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