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How we can help 

Our commitment to the Not-for-Profit sector around the globe makes KPMG member firms some of the most experienced providers of professional services to the donor and charity sectors, both in the UK and emerging economies. 


Our professionals work together to provide clients with access to a global network of support, industry insights, and a multidisciplinary range of services.




KPMG firms have a long standing history of working with charities and grant makers both internationally and domestically. Our experience means we understand the political, economic and regulatory environments in which organisations themselves are operating or into which they are funding. As such we are well placed to help meet the challenges clients face. In the UK, audits are delivered through the National Charities Unit consisting of 12 partners and over 80 charity accredited staff.


We audit over 250 charity and grant making clients nationwide and have accredited staff in each of our UK offices. Internationally our global not-for-profit network ensures that our work in the development sector brings in teams from those territories with relevant skills and experience. KPMG firms adopt a global audit methodology ensuring that our audit trained member of staff apply the same robust principles and rules wherever they are in the world, providing an efficient and communicative audit service.


Our dedicated charity tax practice provides tax and compliance services to charities and grant makers in the UK and internationally. Providing services to support organisations in meeting their ever evolving compliance and advisory requirements.

KPMG’s tax compliance and advisory offering includes:

  • Strategic tax reviews to identify areas of material tax risk or areas where a client may take further advantage of charity tax exemptions;
  • Cost reviews to identify effective and attractive employee packages which are compliant, address tax and NI efficient ways of applying reward to employees to attract and retain staff (e.g. salary sacrifice).
  • Helping you to manage international tax risks and obligations including registration, corporation tax, VAT and employee issues such as those associated with internationally mobile employees.
  • Testing of systems and processes to address tax weaknesses;
  • Designing new procedures or checklists to ensure that any unusual issues are identified;
  • Bespoke tax training, with the aim of ensuring that the whole organisation is aware of VAT, corporation tax and payroll tax perspectives that impact on their work with the aim of avoiding unexpected tax liabilities and any consequential penalties while maximising available reliefs.

We also seek to use our presence in the market for the benefit of our clients by running seminars and user groups for clients as a forum for discussion of current issues as well as maintaining a dialogue with HMRC and the Charity Tax Group to understand their positions, and discuss and influence emerging issues.  This enables us to provide up-to-date, insightful and pragmatic tax advice to our charity clients.


There are very few business challenges today that deserve more attention than ensuring good governance. Member firms have extensive experience working with both donors and the charity sector internationally and in the UK advising on the implementation of robust strategic plans, how to define appropriate roles and responsibilities, and how to manage an organisation’s governance as it moves through different stages of the organisational lifecycle; all with a view to providing greater accountability.


Value for money considers how effectively and efficiently money and other resources are used to achieve development objectives.  We see there being three key aspects to value for money:

  • economy, in terms of minimising the total cost,
  • efficiency, in terms of getting the most for your money, and
  • effectiveness, in terms of achieving the outcomes you set out to achieve.

Our financial management and procurement services support organisations with the aim of ensuring that funds are managed in an efficient, effective and transparent manner, and identify opportunities to improve the long-term viability of the organisation.  Our financial management services include the development of financial policies and procedures, the implementation of procurement transformation programs, reviews of internal controls and the secondment of finance specialists to organisations. 

We have implemented savings for our firms’ clients in a large number of areas including facilities management, treasury management, property rationalisation and information technology and telecommunications.


How organisations measure and report results and impact is a key aspect of demonstrating value for money. It is important that charities have the information and appropriate processes in place to monitor progress of activities and have a methodology to demonstrate, measure and report not only on activities but also outcomes and impact. KPMG works with organisations to review their monitoring and evaluation processes from setting the organisations strategy, through review of monitoring systems, preparedness reviews for assurance and finally assurance of financial and non financial reports. Whatever the stage of the organisations development of impact reporting, KPMG can help.


KPMG’s dedicated grants team are active in delivering grant certification and support services to a variety of clients from large donor programs to standalone NGOs. We offer a range of services including:
  • Grant system and evaluation assessments against best practice in the sector;
  • Grant assurance through pre-grant due diligence, mid-term and end of project compliance reviews both in the UK and internationally.
  • Optimisation of the ‘grantee’ experience through internal reviews of grant facing processes/functions to identify opportunities to enhance the impact, value and experience delivered to the grantee.

Our grant assurance services are tailored to the client and grantees needs to focus on aspects and functions of an institution or development program or project, in order to identify any limitations and to make recommendations to rectify them and thereby strengthen capacity.

We see grant assurance as a natural first step in efforts to improve the capacity of any development initiative and to provide assurance to the grant donor over the delivery  of the program.


Using analytical tools and techniques, KPMG’s team can unlock the value hidden within data and identify the complex patterns and subtle indicators of suspicious, improper or wasteful activity. With many years’ experience of investigating and countering fraud in the Charity sector, our firms’ professionals understand the issues and pressures faced both in the UK and internationally. We have also undertaken work to help management increase awareness of fraud indicators and possible risks together with appraising the mechanisms through which fraud is detected and reported.


Managing pensions issues, whether as an employer, sponsor or a fund trustee, is becoming increasingly complex, with an ever greater impact on the sponsoring organisation. Whatever your pension structure (defined contribution or defined benefit) KPMG can help you define your risks, and understand the current opportunities and issues.

We provide assistance to clients with the detailed planning process and provide a dedicated team that work hand-in-hand with the management teams and other personnel to deliver what is required and ensure continuity from the Business Plans.
Our services involve:

  • assisting the work stream leaders to develop baseline budgets and
  • assisting in developing:
        • synergy and cost saving initiatives,
        • high level organisation structures for each department and
        • implementation (milestone) plans

We also support underlying financial analysis and through meetings and workshop work with the respective functional directors support the development of the above plans. Our style is to work with management teams to ensure that they have ownership for all plans. We provide challenge, ideas sharing and industry best practices around the development of options and plans.