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Charities and Donors

Charities and Donors 

While donation levels are reviewed, demands from donors are increasing.

Right now the not-for-profit sector faces many challenges. Government spending cuts, reduced investment returns and a drop in disposable income are all reducing funds. Meanwhile, increasing restrictions on income are forcing trustees to review their financial systems so they understand the cost of delivery.

Your Donors Want More

Along with all these financial challenges, we’re also seeing a change in attitude from institutional donors and the general public as they demand more. Increasingly they’re calling for organisations like yours to show value for money and deliver genuinely impactful interventions.

Creating Value Through Efficiencies

In order to respond to these new demands, you must seek out efficiencies in your systems and processes. You may also want be look at how you monitor and evaluate you interventions in order to understand what ‘impact’ should look like and how you can demonstrate and report it.

How we can help

We have considerable experience in providing professional services to the donor and charity sectors, in the UK and globally. Our experts have detailed knowledge of the issues you face and the best practice solutions needed to resolve them.

Every not-for-profit has a distinct mission

Our professionals work hard to understand the context against which you operate. We then provide access to a global network of support, industry insights and our multidisciplinary range of services.

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