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Business Services 

Research suggests that the support services sector has held up well in challenging trading conditions. Long-term contracts and stable cash flows are cushioning them against changing consumer demand, though continuing government spending cuts will bring pain to some

There may also be further opportunities for the sector as companies look to reduce their cost base by outsourcing non-core functions. However, they will expect keener pricing, which could further reduce already tight margins.

Recruitment still struggling

As many companies increasingly reduce staff levels, the recruitment sector has inevitably felt the impact. This situation is unlikely to change in the short term, though there are opportunities to diversify into outplacement services. We believe the industry must look to reduce costs if they’re to maintain profitability.

KPMG provides a broad spectrum of advice, both strategic and financial across the business services sector. Whether you’re looking to increase profitability, reduce costs or manage increasing regulatory burdens, our team can help you meet today’s challenges and benefit from tomorrow’s opportunities.

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