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Restless Development


With 50 percent of the world’s population made up of young people, rising to over 70 percent in some of the least developed countries, Restless Development sees young people as the solution to many of the world’s problems. They are working towards channelling the indisputably positive power of young people to bring about real progress. They do this by training, educating, supporting, empowering and inspiring young people to make responsible choices, while also giving them the skills and opportunities they need to contribute positively to society.


Our BRIGHT Partnership Plan with Restless Development


Over the next five years Restless Development and KPMG will work together to demonstrate a leading model of civil society and private sector partnership - proving that together and across sectors, we will have a greater impact empowering young people in developing countries.


Together through partnership and common interest Restless Development and KPMG will utilise their unique expertise to accelerate development processes, specifically in relation to youth via capacity building investment, partnership and KPMG's leading BRIGHT initiative.

Core Focus Areas 


Restless Development core focus areas


KPMG’s contribution to Restless Development

KPMG volunteers work with Restless Development in South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, India and Nepal. In 2011, our BRIGHT participants contributed valuable pro bono work through the following placements:


  • Tanzania: producing a Full Cost Recovery Toolkit, Internal Controls and Accounts Training, IT Systems Analysis and M&E Database development.
  • Uganda: producing a Fundraising & Partnerships Database & Toolkit, Management Committee Capacity Building, Marketing & Communications Strategy Development, Youth Leadership & Development and Finance Support.
  • South Africa: working on People & Performance Management, Internal Audit, Employability Toolkit Development, Finance Management Toolkit Development and Computer Literacy Toolkit Development.
  • Zambia: working on People & Performance Management, IT systems analysis, Marketing & Communications Strategy Development, Finance Support and M&E Database development.


Through these pro bono contributions, the Restless Development team will now be able to provide better and more effective programming to their beneficiaries in the future.

Feedback from Restless Development

“A sincere thank you for all of your hard work and expertise for the four weeks you were with us in Kabwe and the work that you have done.  Perfectly timed so that now we have clear IT policies, alumni databases, measurement & evaluation databases, core competency soft skills, communications plan and financial training and assistance with our internal annual budgeting workshop.  The best form of contribution you can give and shining examples of the skilled individuals that KPMG employs. As they say here – Chabwino!”  - Tom Cadogan, Country Director, Restless Development, Zambia


Feedback from BRIGHT participants on Restless Development placements

“It was great to work within the local community and get involved in something you are passionate about. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about a new culture, help a worthwhile organisation and pass over knowledge and skills you have obtained through working in KPMG. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity." - BRIGHT Ireland participant in Uganda

“People were eager to learn, great hospitality, wonderful country.” - BRIGHT Germany Participant in Zambia

“To be able to experience the energy and enthusiasm of Restless Development and really make a difference to the young people in Uganda – I will carry that with me for the rest of my life.” - BRIGHT UK participant in Uganda




Roisin Murphy

Roisin Murphy
Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility


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