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Environmental policy 

We are committed to integrating environmental best practice into all of our business activities. We will work towards this through a programme of continuous improvement throughout all of our operations with Partners, Managers, employees and suppliers.

This means that:


  • We will adopt best practice and play a leading role in developing innovative solutions to environmental issues facing our sector.
  • We will conduct our activities in full knowledge of and in compliance with environmental regulations.
  • We will integrate environmental considerations and objectives into all our business decisions.
  • We will minimise consumption of natural resources and wastage of materials as far as economically practicable.
  • We will establish environmental objectives and targets and measure performance against them.
  • We will encourage awareness and commitment to improved environmental performance amongst our people, our suppliers and our clients.
  • We will encourage our clients to think about how their businesses affect the environment and throughout our business, will provide professional advice that is consistent with this aim.
  • We will carry out reviews of our environmental performance and publish the results.


Each KPMG employee and each supplier retained by KPMG is responsible for adherence to the principles of this policy. The CSR Leadership Team will regularly review the status of implementation of this policy.


For more information on our targets and programmes please contact markus.herz@kpmg.co.uk, Environment Manager.



Markus Herz


Environment Manager


020 7694 8243markus.herz@kpmg.co.uk