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Actively managing our environmental impacts 

Climate change is perhaps the biggest challenge we all face, and to tackle it requires concerted global action.


We have an important role to play both in terms of our own operations, the services we provide to our clients, by inspiring our own people to take action at work and at home, and in contributing to the debate on the national and international stage.  

Our aim is to drive change to achieve a low-carbon business. Our strategy to achieve this is to:


  • Reduce our energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.
  • Avoid any unnecessary travel and consider alternatives to travel wherever possible.
  • Operate in a resource efficient manner and minimise waste, sending zero office waste to landfill by 2015.


We have a strong record in managing our environmental impacts - we first published our UK Environment Policy in 1990. This long term commitment to tackling consumption, resource use and climate change means that we were measuring and managing our environmental footprint long before it became fashionable to do so.


As part of this commitment and in order to robustly manage our environmental impacts and identify risks, we operate an environmental management system (EMS) which is certified to ISO14001 standard (PDF 272 KB). We were the first of the Big 4 to achieve this standard for all our UK offices in 2003.

Our EMS covers all our significant environmental impacts, from the resources we consume, the waste we generate, and our direct and indirect impact on climate change through our client engagement, business travel, and energy use.


We encourage our people to think about their environmental impacts as part of our Saving for Good programme and help them minimise these at work and at home with the support of our national network of environment champions, internal communications campaigns and practical advice. 


Our efforts are being recognised through continued high performance in the Business in the Community Index where, as well as being named a 'Platinum Plus' business, we topped our sector. To read our Feedback Report please contact us.



We have been actively managing our environmental impacts for over a decade.  Our performance reduction targets for 2011/2012 against 2010/11 baseline are:



KPMG enviornmental targets graph

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