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Leadership and Governance 

UK Chairman and Senior Partner


Simon Collins is UK Chairman and Senior Partner.


The Senior Partner is responsible for leading the board and ensuring that the board members receive accurate, timely and clear information and ensuring effective communication and relationships with the partners at large.  The Senior Partner also meets with the non-executive members (without the Executive Management Team) at least annually.

Simon Collins

UK Board


The main governance body for KPMG in the UK is the UK Board.  This is responsible for the long term growth and sustainability of the firm.  Its duties include providing leadership to the firm within a framework of prudent and effective controls, setting the firm’s strategy and overseeing its implementation.

The UK Board consists of nine members: three Executive Members and eight Non-Executive members.  The three Executive members are: the Chairman, the Head of International Markets and Government and the Head of Quality & Risk Management. The Executive Committee is appointed by the Senior Partner.

The Non-Executive Members of the board will each serve either two or three year terms of office and are permitted to remain on the board for up to a maximum of six years. Appointments and re-election are subject to the agreement of individual members. The Board meets at least four times a year in person.

UK Executive Management Team

Management of the day-to-day activities is undertaken by the Executive Management Team (EXCO).  EXCO’s responsibilities include the development and implementation of business plans, monitoring operating and financial performance, prioritisation and allocation of resources and investment and managing the risk profile of KPMG LLP. The EXCO Team consists of nine executive officers. EXCO aims to meet at least monthly.


These are the summary terms of reference of the UK Executive Management Team (PDF 50.43 KB)

KPMG UK LLP Leadership Team 


Simon Collins 

Simon Collins

Chairman &

Senior Partner



Philip Davidson

Philip Davidson

Managing Partner &

Interim Head of People



Iain Moffatt

Iain Moffatt

Head of National Markets



Tony Cates

Tony Cates

Head of International Markets

and Government



Karen Briggs

Karen Briggs

Head of Solutions



Mike McDonagh

Mike McDonagh

Head of Operations



Adrain Stone

Adrian Stone

Head of Audit (Interim)


David Matthews

David Matthews

Head of Quality and Risk




General Counsel






UK Audit & Risk Committee 


The duties of the Audit & Risk Committee include monitoring the integrity of KPMG LLP business’ financial reporting system, internal controls and risk management framework, and recommending the appointment, removal, remuneration as well as the independence and effectiveness of the external auditors.

The Audit & Risk Committee consists of three partners who hold a non-executive role on the board.  The Committee Chairman is appointed by (and for a term determined by) the Senior Partner with the approval of the board.  The Audit & Risk Committee meets at least four times a year in person and will meet at other times as deemed necessary by the Committee Chairman.

These are the full terms of reference of the UK Audit & Risk Committee (PDF 49.5 KB)

UK Nomination & Remuneration Committee

The role of the Nomination & Remuneration Committee is to establish a framework for nominating members to the UK Board, to review and monitor the implementation of the process for profit allocation and distribution for UK members and to make recommendations for the total remuneration to the UK Senior Partner and EXCO members.

The Nomination & Remuneration Committee consists of three partners who hold a non-executive role on the board.  The Committee Chairman is the Senior KPMG non-executive board member and the appointment of the Committee Chairman is ratified by the board.  The Nomination & Remuneration Committee meets at least four times a year in person and will meet at other times as deemed necessary by the Committee Chairman.

Public Interest Committee – Independent non-executives

The Public Interest Committee is responsible for overseeing the public interest aspects of the decision making for KPMG LLP and its related entities including the management of reputational risks. Acting in the public interest in this context involves having regard to the legitimate interests of clients, government, financial institutions, employers, employees, investors, the business and financial community and others who rely upon the objectivity and integrity of the accounting profession.  The four independent non-executives who are members of this Committee are:

David Pitt-Watson

David Pitt-Watson is an Executive Fellow at London Business School. A leading thinker and practitioner in the field of responsible investment he was CEO of Hermes Focus Asset Management, and founder of Hermes Equity Ownership Service, which now advises over £100 billion of investments.


He is a director of the International Corporate Governance Network, and Co-Chairs the UN Environment Programme's Finance Initiative.

Philip Augar

Philip is an author and non-executive board member at TSB plc. He is a former Group Managing Director at Schroders plc, led Nat West’s global securities business and was a non-executive board member at the Department for Education and the Home Office.


Professor Laura Empson (Chairman)

Professor Laura Empson is the Director of the Centre for Professional Service Firms at Cass Business School at City University London. 


Laura has spent the past two decades dedicated to researching professionals and professional service firms. In that capacity, she acts as an advisor to many of the world’s leading professional service firms in the areas such as: accounting, law, investment banking, actuarial and management consulting.  


She is currently a Member of the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, and the Journal of Professional Organizations. She is also a Member of the Economic and Social Research Council's Peer Review College and an External Examiner for the London Business School Masters Programmes.


Before becoming an academic, Laura worked as an investment banker and strategy consultant.


These are the full terms of reference for the UK Public Interest Committee (PDF 31.3KB).

Listed Company Dialogue

If you are a shareholder, executive director or member of an audit committee at a listed company for which we are auditors and wish to discuss with us any matter covered in either the Audit Firm Governance Code or our latest Transparency Report, please contact David Matthews at david.matthews@kpmg.co.uk.

Full details of those charged with governance, their background and length of service can be found in our latest Transparency Report.


UK Annual Report 2014

UK Annual Report 2014


This year, we continued on our three year journey of transformation to become the clear choice. We stimulated growth in our business, turned the spotlight back up on our Values and reflected on and communicated our Purpose.


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