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KPMG’s Sustainability War Room

KPMG’s Sustainability War Room:

Many business leaders have been struggling with the challenges of sustainability for a long time, and what we’re now seeing is that the focus is changing

It’s become less about just the environment and much more about business strategy. Businesses are beginning to recognise how much it links to thinking about resilience, how much it links to thinking about, “How can I make my business much more productive for the long term?”

There are some amazing things happening where businesses are taking advantage of what’s happening in the current environment and using it to create new business models.

Whether that’s based on a rental rather than a sale model, or opportunities to attract new customers, whether that’s approaching the bottom billion or recognising the massive growth in the middle classes in the developing world.

We’ve got to break away from this model where our behaviour towards the demand curve, driven by the increase in middle classes and the growth in prosperity and wealth, is in conflict with the restriction of the supply curve that’s caused by resource scarcity on the planet that we’re living in. Models like that that are being adopted are very, very intelligent and very, very profitable ways of doing that.

We’ve developed the Sustainability Room on the back of demand from our clients for a conversation with us about why is it that some businesses are really appearing to take this agenda so seriously. People recognise the pace of change is growing, people recognise that we’re in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment,. What they’re really interested in now is, “What does that actually mean for my business?

We actually think that there’s a huge missed opportunity if you don’t embed sustainability in your strategy, your governance, the way you operate and how you do business on a much wider basis.

KPMG’s Sustainability War Room  

 “It is not about having a “Sustainability” strategy, but having a strategy that is “Sustainable” – this is one of the key messages KPMG partner Vincent Neate is spreading in the C-room of FTSE 350 companies.

At KPMG we strongly believe that if companies want to survive to the megaforces they will have to adapt and reconsider their business strategies. In a world where we see a strong demand for companies to issue integrated reports,  report on value creation (PDF 306.48 KB) and start accounting for their externalities, KPMG has launched what we call the “Sustainability War Room”.
The Sustainability War Room is a programme aimed at companies senior management that addresses the question: “Is your company ready to manage and communicate effectively how you will respond to the megaforces in a Volatile, Uncertain Complex, Ambiguous world?”. Our objective is to challenge management thinking, to be provocative by asking uncomfortable questions, forcing  CEOs to face inconvenient truths. But, most importantly, we also talk about solutions. 

For more information about the War Room or to book an appointment with us, please get in touch with Vincent Neate vincent.neate@kpmg.co.uk | +44 20 76943256 or Ben Wielgus ben.wielgus@kpmg.co.uk | +44 20 76948573.